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i don't know about older cars but newer ones the tank is actually sealed and is under a vacuum.

Basically, no they won't. On automobiles they usually have the fuel cap as the breather. There's usually a small hole or something in the cap.

You need something to replace the gas as it leaves. Older cars either vented the fumes to the air or into an "Evaperative Canister". Basically just a can with some charcoal in it to absorb the gas fumes as it expands and contracts and then it has a small hose going to the intake system to be used by the motor to keep the air clean. "Some" of the newer cars have a sealed system that takes care of all that automatically. You have to be careful when replacing a lost fuel cap as some need the cap to have an air bleed hole to let air into the tank. If you put a sealed system type fuel cap on a non-sealed system it will prevent the fuel from flowing.

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Q: Can the car run without fuel tank breather?
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Not on a stock fuel injected car. The pump is in the tank.

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After removing tank from car you can siphon fuel out.

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under car near r/f of fuel tank under car near r/f of fuel tank under car near r/f of fuel tank

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Where in the car is the fuel pump located on a 94 integra?

In the fuel tank

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