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Probably not, but it could be as "simple" as the water pump is about to go out.

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Diesel powerstroke Engine dies when you shift from drive to reverse?

sounds like the auto transmission has a fault

2001 ford Taurus engine light came on sounds like marbles but it still starts and can drive it has plenty of power?

"Sounds like marbles" (!!)This does not sound good... Have your car professionally inspected for the cause of the sounds.The engine light may, or may not have anything to do with the sounds. But you should also get the trouble codes that triggered the Check Engine Light and those will give you good information about what also is going on with your engine.I also have to ask: have you checked the oil lately?See "Related Questions" below for more

How 2 buy a bio diesel engine 4 a car?

There's no such thing, really. It sounds to me like you want to burn bio-diesel, however. What you need is a diesel engine. If you've already got a diesel engine in your car, then you can fill 'er up with bio whenever you want. If your car is a gas burner, you're in for a very long and difficult project. If the latter, I'd recommend buying a diesel car.

What is 15w40 mineral petrol motor oil?

ist real oil, from the thickness and weight, it sounds like its for a diesel engine

I drive a Corsa light and it rev's very high and stalls at a traffic light.?

it sounds like European car if it is gasoline powered it sounds like a vacuum leak if it is a diesel engine it indicates abnormal fuel flow a

What is kidney trouble?

it's exactly what it sounds like it's trouble with your kidney.

Why won't 1993 GMC 6.5 diesel start when engine is warm?

Sounds like injection pump. Try pouring cool water on injection pump, sounds crazy, but it works. I had to do it for several months. I have a friend who was having the same no start problems. He is still doing it. Ask a GOOD diesel mechanic, he can explain the problem better than me.

What causes a rear oil seal to leak on a new diesel engine you have replaced three times but still leaks a small amount from the bottom of the bell housing key hole area?

Sounds like your drive is not properly aligned with your engine.

Was Vin Diesel born in Italy?

No, he sounds like a New Yorker.

Can you put straight pipes on a diesel?

It would be like putting stacks on it, like tractor trailers. Straight piping a diesel is gonna be ridiculously loud, cause my duramax is. It sounds really good, plus it helps out the motor, especially when you are towing cause it lowers engine temps

Why does a BMW E46 gasoline engine tick like a diesel engine?

First, is it a tick or more of a clatter? (I know, I know, not trying to slit hairs here, but its important) A light tick could be anything from insufficient oil level to excessive valve lash (not sure if this is an older pushrod or newer hydraulic lifter engine, sorry). If its a deeper clatter (more what I think of as "diesel" sounds) then it could range from something as simple as premature ignition timing (spark knock), which could just require an adjustment to the distributor, to something as serious as rod or main bearing knock (very serious indeed, requiring an engine rebuild to correct).

Where can engine sounds be found online?

Engine sounds can be found on many websites on the internet. A few of the websites that have engine sounds include YouTube, Dailymotion or any other website where people can upload videos and audio.

2000 Dodge Stratus In the mornings but now anytime it bucks and sounds like it wants to stall Having trouble shifting gears Just today check engine light came on and went away when it stopped bucking?

Have the same trouble any answers?

How could you identify the exact fault of a stationary diesel engine excessively blowing white smoke?

Sounds like water is getting into the engine. You could look to see if there are air bubbles in the radiator while engine is running this is usually a good indicator of a blown head gasket or other coolent leak.

What does Heidbreder mean in German translated in English?

Sounds like you misheard Hybrider which is a casual term referring to a hybrid car - one with an internal combustion engine (gas or diesel) and an electric motor, for example.

Why does the engine light stay on in my Ford Transit van diesel 1999 model?

Sounds like the Check Engine Light (CEL), also known as the Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL). These engines have a number of sensors in them. When a sensor returns data the computer determines to be invalid or incorrect, it determines that there is a fault with how the engine is operating, assigns a Data Trouble Code (DTC) to the issue, and illuminates the CEL. To find out what the fault is, and OBD2 scan tools needs to be connected to read the DTCs.

Walks with difficulty definition?

Sounds like this is someone who has trouble walking.

Cant start diesel engine Isuzu trooper sounds like its not getting any fuel?

have the exact sane problem somrthing to do with immobilizer i think was hoping to get answer here but this site is jus another waste of time

What would cause an F350 7.3 diesel to smell of diesel in the cab?

I kmow this sounds stupid most likely it is at least one cracked injector sleve. Stick your finger in the cooling system water when it is not hot bet it has diesel in it also it will smell of diesel.

Is a knock in the engine harmful to the engine?

it depends what is knocking, there are so many parts on the engine that can do this. check the belt assembly for sounds, that could be it. but if it isnt then it is some internal parts, it which case hopefully your vehicle has sensors, it is probably not harmful unless your service engine soon light comes on, if that happens, then take it somewhere to get it trouble coded, autozone is free.

If an engine has a compression ratio of 7.1?

Depends on the make of engine, but that sounds about normal .

Filled up gas following day truck engine running rough (missing). Released valve(for water) and lots of water. Truck sounds terrible during idle. Besides changing fuel filter what additive should i add.diesel truck repair?

'04 dodge diesel 2500 cummins. Filled up gas, following day truck engine running rough (missing). Released valve(for water) and lots of water. Truck sounds terrible during idle. Besides changing fuel filter, what additive should i add. The First problem is you filled your DIESEL UP WITH GAS The next problem is getting all that GAS out of you Fuel System and Diesel Tank sounds like blown head gasket

IF your 2001 celica sounds like a diesel could this be the air belt tensioner or timing belt?

i have exactly the same problem by the sounds except i classed it as 2nd revs, and mine was a kia sportage 2001, the a/c belt broke and it began. i have replaced the belt but the revs (diesel engine sound) is still there. if you have found an answer please look for kia sportage 2001 4 door and let me know whats wrong:( with our cars

When gases are used as fuel in green engine then on which cycle green engine works?

That question makes no sense. Green is a very broad term used to indicate an individuals opinion about the efficiency or even moral character of just about anything. Most engines run on a cycle that can be modeled in thermodynamics as an otto cycle (typically using gasoline). Some engines run on diesel cycles. Every engine company on the planet uses the word green as a descriptive term of their engine because it sounds a heck of a lot better than brown.

How do you fix a broken speedometer in a 1996 Acura Integra it stays on 0 would that have anything to do with the check engine light coming on?

It sounds like your VSS(Vehicle Speed Sensor) has gone bad, which will turn on your check engine light.

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