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Yes the police can get involved and bring you back home unless you have been emancipated since you are not legally an adult until the age of 18 so I suggest that you go back home until your 18 or get your parents consent to move out of their house to avoid all legal action hope this helps...Good Luck and God Bless!!

AnswerUnless you PROVE that you are in danger of physical or emotional harm being at home with your parents, they most likely will make you go back home.


In some some states the police can get involve and can force you to go home,but some states has a age limit of 19 or 21 before you can leave home.but I do know that in Virginia if you leave home at 17 there is nothing your parents,law enforcement,or juvenile courts can do.cause if they bring you back,you just leave again,and the law is to busy doing other things,then waste time on you.I know this for a fact cause a friend of mine live's in Bristol Virginia,and I am an attorney who live's in Boston,and know some laws in Virginia as far as juvenile law is concern,but any way his 17 year old daughter took off 2 months ago and he called the sheriff department,the deputy who showed up had experience with juveniles and is a juvenile probate officer.the deputy told him that there is nothing they could do about his daughter,she is of age according to Virginia to make her own decision's.the deputy also told my friend that no matter if they know where she is at or may be at,they will not interfere,the only way that the law can inerfere is if she got into trouble with the law,but other than that she is on her own.

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Q: Can the police force a 17-year-old to move back home?
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Can the police force a 18 year old to move back home?

No, you are emancipated at 18.

If you are sixteen and you leave home and move in with your sister can the police force you to go home?

Well, it all depends, at 16 until you're 18, everything is parental consent. You can live with your sister, but if your parents want you home, you have to come home, if you refuse, the police can force you back home. -Katelyn

Can a 16 year old leave home without her pearent permishion and can they force her to go back home?

While it is possible to leave home, it would not be legal. The police can take her back home.

What is the legal age of a minor when a parent is no longer responsible?

A child can legallyt move out of home in exas and the police will not force you to move back home.

If you're seventeen can the police legally take you back home in the state of Texas?

Yes, in Texas they can force you to go back home. If you refuse, they could send you to a detention center.

If a 17 year old leaves home in new york state can the police force them to go back home?


Will police force a 17 year old run away back home in the state of Missouri?

They will return them to their home. If there is an issue, they may put them in foster care.

In new Zealand if you are 16 and were to run away from home what could the police do about it Could they force you to come home?

Yes, In New Zealand if you 16 and you run away from home, the police will force you home because you are a minor.

If I am a 18 year old living in Omaha Nebraska and i move out with my fiance and my parents report me as a runaway will the Police force me to go back Or what will happen?

since you are 18 and going to live with a fiance, then i dobt the police will make you come back home with your parents. since you are 18 and going to live with a fiance, then i dobt the police will make you come back home with your parents.

Can a police officer force a runaway in Illinois to return home to the state they are from?

Maybe not a police officer but the Childrens Services may.

What pets can a police officer have?

At home they can have any pets, but on the force many police forces use dogs to catch criminals

Can a police officer force you to go home in Washington state?

Generally, police have no authority to force someone go home. Exceptions include: Juvenile is a reported runaway (return to parent/guardian); Juvenile is absent from school (truancy).

In Missouri can the police force a 15 year old runaway return home if the minor has a safe place to live?

The parents can request the police to return the runaway to their home.

What happens if a 17 year old runs away from home and refuses to go back?

The police would bring you back. In a few states they can not force you to go back. if you get help from people as a runaway they can go to prison for aiding a runaway. If problems at home are this severe you need to contact then CPS.

What part of speech is force?

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Why are the police nicknamed bobbies?

They are named "Bobbies" after Sir Robert Peel who was Home Secretary at the time and was responsible for forming the police force.

Can police force 18 year old to move out of home?

Yes, they can be considered to be trespassing.

Can Albuquerque police force a 14 year old girl to go home?


Can the police force a 18-year-old to move back home if she runs awy in Texas?

Not if they are 18 years old. They are considered an adult and can live where they wish.

Did Robert Peel found the police force?

As home secretary Peel succeeded in reforming the criminal laws and established the London police force, whose members came to be called Peelers or Bobbies

If you move out at 17 in Florida will the police be able to force you back home even if you are safe?

The legal age in the state of Florida is 17 for both male and female without parents permission.

Can a police officer force a runaway in Washington state to return home to the state they are from?

if they have you in custody, yes they can

What does home office do?

It is in charge of the police force, immigration, customs, security and MI5, the secret service.

If you male is 17 almost 18 in 3 month if his parents kicked him out and he lived in a good home for 3 months and his parents try to force him to come back does he have to?

If the parents report him as a runaway, the police can return him to his home. Or put him in a detention center.

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