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Hey, Well I just bought a 93 Continental. One reason I got a good deal on it is that the air suspenstion rear shocks was leaking. Actually the back shocks was shot. For 200 bucks a bought a conversion kit. My Continental doesn't have air shocks anymore. Just has the usual liquid or gas filled shocks. So after 200 bucks and 5 hours later my car was finised. Also I can adjust the shocks in different heights. So to answer your question if your 94 continental rubber boots look like dry rotted the lowness may be because leaking of the boots.

the answer to that question is no, you either have to but the conversion kit as he did or buy 1 air strut from Suncore industries its about 169. for the strut , but its 200. because you have to pay for shipping. please have someone help you with this because when you get to the spring arms your gonna wish you had someone to help you, if you need me to ans. some q's my mail address is, until then chow.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-12 14:06:33
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Q: Can the rear air suspension on a 94 Continental be raised manually?
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