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Yes, provided that the crackers do not contain Gelatin or any other product containing animal parts.

Animal Crackers contain whey, so vegetarians who eat things like cheese, milk etc can eat them. However vegans who don't consume any animal products cannot.

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Q: Can vegetarians eat animal crackers
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Do vegetarians eat animal crackers?

For those who might not know what an "animal cracker" is (cultural differences 'n all), it's "a small cookie shaped like an animal." See image above. So, yes, vegetarians do eat them.

Can dogs eat frosted animal crackers?

It not recommended that dogs eat frosted animal crackers.

Can vegetarians eat earth worms?

Vegetarians don't eat any animal.

Can vegetarians eat gelatine?

It is NOT suitable for vegetarians. Vegetarians will not eat or wear ANYTHING if the animal has to be killed for the product. Gelatine comes from the skin and bones of an animal.

What kinds of meat can vegetarians eat?

Vegetarians don't eat the flesh of any animal.

What vegetarians do not eat?

The meat of an animal.

Can dogs eat animal crackers?


Can vegetarians eat butter?

Yes. Vegans do not as vegans eat no animal products. But lacto vegetarians do.

Do vegetarians eat lobster?

No, lobster is an animal.

What types of vegertarians are there?

Lacto-vegetarians eat dairy, but don't eggs or other animal products. Ovo-vegetarians eat egg products, but don't eat dairy or other animal products. Ovo-lacto vegetarians eat dairy and eggs but nothing else that comes from an animal. Pure vegetarians/vegans eat nothing that comes from an animal, dead or alive.

Can vegetarians eat smoked salmon?

Vegetarians can eat smoked salmon and they will still be a vegetarian. There are different types of vegetarians for example vegan vegetarians which eat nothing that comes from a animal and no dairy products.

Can cats eat animal crackers?

Some animals may be able to eat animal crackers without getting sick. However, animals crackers were created for consumption by humans.

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