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The timing can be adjusted on a '95 Chevy. You must locate the timing connector for the electronic spark control. It is behind the glove box. The connector should be only 1 wire. Unplug this connector and start the truck. The timing park will be attached to the timing cover on the drivers side of engine. There is a mark on the Harmonic balancer to point to the indicator on the timing cover. The timing sshould be set at 0 on this truck. 0 is the biggest v notch on the timing indicator. once timing is set, you should shut the engine off and reconnect the connector behind the glove box. Disconnect the battery for 60 seconds to clear the ignition code that will be in the computer.

When he says behind the glove box, he means under the hood on the firewall, sometimes this one wire connector is hidden under that black plastic shield by the a/c evaporater tank.

The Wire is most Commonly found behind the glove box inside the cab. It is usually light brown with a white trace or sometimes a black trace. the wire will loop out of the main harness and should be fairly visible, but sometimes it is taped up in the main wires so take a second and look carefully..

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Q: Can you adjust the timing on a 95 5 7L 350 and how?
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