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Can you be arrested if a repo man came to your house and then they called and said that your car has been reported stolen and criminal charges have been filed?


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2015-07-15 18:44:49
2015-07-15 18:44:49

Well, common sense tells me that IF it was reported 'stolen", the cops would at least drive by and look.Certainly, charges filed would bring at least 2 cops to talk to you, dont you think? In some states, that can happen. Are you in one of those states?


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If you were arrested, charged, and convicted of that offense it will ALWAYS remain on your criminal record. That is why it is called a criminal HISTORY.

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Criminal: Before charges filed: the Arrestee - after charges are filed: the Defendant.Civil: The party against whom the case is being filed can be identified by severaltitles: The Defendant - the Respondant - etc.

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The digits that are reported in an answer are called significant figures.

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Depends on the context. If you are arrested for exaggerated claims, this would refer to 'trumped up charges.' If someone falsely implicated you, you were 'framed.' If there is more than one person or organization working towards your unfair conviction, you are being 'railroaded'

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