Periods while Pregnant

Can you be pregnant if your period was 2 weeks late and not bleeding as much as normal?


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Have you found out anything? I have the same problem i was two weeks late but i started today. I had thought for sure i was pregnant because i had all the symptoms.

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I had my period 2 weeks ago and am bleeding again is that normal?

No. Go and see a doctor. You are probably having a miscarriage.

I went to the doctors and found out i was 6-7 weeks, but i woke up this morning to bleeding as if it was my period should i be worried??

You could be having a period while pregnant anyway get it checked out go see a doctor and make sure everything is all right.

Some bleeding is normal, but if its heavy bleeding then probably not normal but you should see a doctor either way.

No, bleeding is not normal at this time. You may be in preterm labor. Call your doctor.

Could be implantation bleeding. If it is your actual period then it's unlikely that you are pregnant.

Yes, you can get implantation bleeding and cramps if you get pregnant.This may occur two weeks after you believed you were due to start your period.

It won't be a "period" but bleeding. If it's lighter than normal it's perfectly fine and normal for about 1/9 women. At six weeks or less your body may not have enough hormonal changes to stop bleeding every month. if this happens to you, contact your doctor and have a chat about it.

no its not and if you are then i dont think your pregnant anymore

If you had a normal period, even 2 weeks late - most likely you are not pregnant.

Yes. That could be implantation bleeding. Wait until after your period is due and take a HPT.

Of course after a few weeks of missed period you should take a hpt. Its very normal to have light bleeding when first pregnant. ANSWER GO and See a doctor I had Implantation bleeding then 2 weeks after got my period so which means I'm not pregnant . Late period can be caused by stress, age and diet. If you have irregular periods it can cause late periods or even it can skip a month From Pink Princess

Normal bleeding is 1-4 weeks and then your period should return within 8 weeks of the abortion.

YES you can spot or have a light period while pregnant, When i was pregnant I had a very very light period at about 4 weeks. Go to a doctor!!!!

Two weeks pregnant is when you conceive so how you know you are pregnant I am not sure. You should not be spotting mid-cycle. If you mean you conceived two weeks ago and have just had a positive pregnancy test it may be just a bit of breakthrough bleeding, or it may be the beginning of a period.

no -- once pregnant you won't get a period, however some people do experience bleeding especialy during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. the bleeding you get during the first few weeks i implantation bleeding. Visit it has plenty of info on early pregnancy and bleeding

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