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Can you break your apartment lease if your apartment get burglarized?

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Generally, not. Unforeseeable criminal acts are not something your landlord is responsible for.

However, you might have a claim for reduction in rent if there are serious safety or security problems that the landlord is aware of and has failed to repair. For example, the front door of an apartment building should have a sturdy lock and should be self-closing, adequate lighting inside and out, and some method to prevent or deter unauthorized duplication of keys.

You could hire a security company to give you an assessment of your security needs (burglary, fire, gas, mechanical hazards, etc)

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Can you break a lease if suicide was committed at the apartment complex?


Can you break an apartment lease in Louisiana if you are purchasing a home?


How can you legally break an apartment lease in Ohio if your building has been consistly burglarized?

Go find out at the office who you need to sue. Sue the complex for damages and poor security. They will love to let you leave then with out penalty. Call CNN for help also.

What are some acceptable reasons for breaking an apartment lease in Florida?

For the Landlord: You are violating the terms of the lease For the Tenant: Disability or death The unit is in disrepair to the point you cannot live there Your home has been burglarized or invaded Landlord abusive

How much is security deposit for an apartment?

Depending on the lease or the apartment Depending on the lease or the apartment Depending on the lease or the apartment

Can you break your lease if they break into your apartment?

If your landlord breaks into your apartment or enters it without notifying you, this is grounds to break a lease. You can't break a lease just because there was a break in, however. Landlords are not even legally required to tell you if you are moving into a high crime area. If you can prove this is an ongoing and pervasive problem , it may be grounds to break your lease. Get real documentation, not just hearsay.Police reports and other victims or witnesses.

Can you break an apartment lease legally if you are being re-located due to a job?

That depends on the wording of the lease.

Can you break an apartment lease legally if you have allergy to the trees that surround it?

No. The problem was not caused by the landlord.

If a lease has been signed for an apartment can you break the lease in the first 3 days?

There is no "cooling off period' for leases and rental contracts.

Can you break your apartment lease to buy a house in the state of Indiana?

Im pretty sure you can in every state! But you have to pay a fee. For example, in Colorado if you break a lease, it is at least $200.

Can you break your apartment lease after 25 percent of building is destroyed in a fire?

Once you line up some legal resources, investigate the terms your lease to see if there's any clause that provides you with an opportunity to break lease early.Then check out the guide from This guide has helped a bunch of my friends break their apartment lease by discovering the major loopholes in leasing contracts. Good Luck

Can you break your lease if your apartment was broken into twice?

Not unless you can prove that there is A pattern of break ins that existed before you moved in, and you had no knowledge of it.

Can you break an apartment lease when buying a home in minnesota?

Yes, but you'll owe any penalty.

Is it possible to break an apartment lease if I have no proof that my apartment gets noxious odors possibly meth?

Unless you can prove that there is meth, and that your landlord is cooking it, you have little basis for terminating your lease. You need to call the police.

How can you get out of an apartment lease early?

The easiest way is to pay the landlord what monies are due based on the lease. Another way is to sublet the apartment to another party. If all else fails, be polite and explain why you need to break the lease. Most landlords do not want trouble and will let a person out of the lease.

Could you rent another apartment while you are under a lease of another and then break for lease of the old one?

yes u can it's ur money

WHAT IS Gain to lease in apartment?

It means if an apartment rent is $500 and they rent you the apartment for $550, the apartments have a $50 gain to lease. If they rent it for $450, they have a $50 loss to lease.

Can you break a lease on an apartment if you cannot afford the rent?

You can, but you'll owe them for each month until they rent it.

If apartment managers change does that break your lease?

No. You are still under a contractual agreement to fulfill the terms of your lease, no matter who the manager may be. The lease is usually an agreement contract between yourself and the management company who owns the apartment complex, not between yourself and the individual manager.

If you have a joint lease with your boyfriend and you break up does he have a right to live at the apartment?

from my understadning yes he does, you both are on the lease, he cant make you leave and you cant make him either.

Can you break a lease on an apartment?

Yes. But as with any contract, you could face a penalty if you break your lease. If you must break your lease, the key is to avoid -- or at least limit -- a penalty from your landlord. The chances that you'll have to pay a penalty depend on the situation. Two of my friends were able to break a lease quickly following the exact steps listed in Check out that site and good luck!

Is it possible to break an apartment lease if the landlord promised 24 hour security and gated community but neither are true?

If you have this clause in writing in your lease agreement and the landlord doesn't follow through then you have cause to break the agreement.

Can you break your current apartment lease if you get fired from your job?

No. You job has nothing to do with your landlord. They might agree to let you out, though.

Can you break your lease if your apartment is infected with mice?

Of course not. There is no such rule legally(in India) but you can ask the owner to do something about these mice.

If you walk out of an apartment lease can your roommate be affected by bankruptcy?

visit this site for rid from apartment lease