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You seach there name on Google it will have a list of names on you its more easy if your buddy has one kind of a name not like thatoneguy or macer like my name its UnlimitedR3C0n its one of a kind, so get your buddy to make one kind of a name like mine dont copy my name :o and NEXT time bookmark there name like i do (Thay can run but they cant hide) its called being a creeper. learn to be a creeper

like copying there info into a notepad (Destop)

copy there name onto a notepag just incase something goes worng and this was from Steam but i dont know if this works on any other site first

1.Bookmark them

2.Copy there name in a notepad (any kind)

3.ALWAYS have a plan

4.creat a web system like comment on them and make them comment on your profile (link to link) by clicking there name good luck next time or this time. By

UnlimitedR3C0n also add me on xbox live and steam and YouTube there all UnlimitedR3C0n thanks for reading

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โˆ™ 2012-01-20 19:42:42
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Q: Can you bring back a deleted name from your buddy list?
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Why does it say Lost Buddy on Zynga Poker?

because some one deleted from your buddy list

Can someone find out you deleted them on AIM?

No. What happens is that you will always appear as "offline" on their buddy list.

How do you get the person you deleted back on your buddy list on YoVille?

You have to find them on YoVille, either by starting an event saying "I'm looking for Luke" [or whatever his/her username is] and hope he/she comes or, you can search for him/her , and hope to get lucky but that's not likely. If you find him/her then click on them and click "Add to Buddy List" and hope he/she clicks agree.

How can you get back deleted contact list of Nokia 3110c?

I had this phone, just sold it recently. You cannot get your deleted contact list back. You should have asked your wireless service provider for a backup.

I can't see my buddy list on AOL?

Click on "Contacts". It's on your left. It's in between "Recently Deleted" and "Calendar".

You deleted a specific section on your AOL buddylist how can you get it back?

There is an option to save your buddy list as backup, and to archive your messages, but with out that im sorry to say you have lost them. You would have to ask other people that know the person.

How do you unblock buddy list?

how do i unlock buddy list?

Where is your buddy list?

cant connect to my buddy list on aol

How do you find a deleted add on Graig's list?

You cannot locate a deleted add on graig's list. Graig's list does not exist. The proper list is called the Craig's List. This list offers many ads but does not allow deleted ads to be recovered unless it is deleted within your own personal page.

How do you find a deleted add on graigs list?

A deleted graig's list cannot be located. The graig's list is actually Craig's List and Craig's List only allows a person to view a deleted ad if it is a ad on their personal page.

I can't find my AOL buddy list Please help me get my AOL buddy list back AOL automatically swithes it to AIM and will not allow me to send IMs on AIM?

At the top of the page, there is a place marked Keyword. Push it and type in buddy list. That should give you acess to do whatever you need.

How do i display my AOL buddy list?

There should be a icon and it should say "Buddy list" and click it.

How can you make buddy list bigger in Maplestory?

In Ludibrium/Lith Harbor there is a NPC that offers buddy list expansions. You'll know you found them as they have 'Buddy List Admin' (or something similar) under their name. For 250k, they will expand your buddy list by a few slots.

I deleted my mutual friends list on my Facebook profile but now i need it back How can i get it back?

You can't. You have to re-add them.Sorry for the bad news.

How do you get back deleted Xbox live friends?

Sadly there is no way to get your friends back. It is completely useless to call or mail Xbox on this concern. They keep no records of deleted or preferred friends. All you can do is try and remember people on your friends list, look at their friends list and hope that they added your previous friends

How do you get rid of Pokemon in soul silver?

If you go in your PC and go to the Pokemon you want deleted you click on that Pokemon and it will bring up a list. When you go down that list there is a option of 'release' and you select that option.

How do you get your buddy list to a new screen name on aim?

You send it to yourself. It should be somewhere on your old buddy list. :)

Can you get back song you deleted from shazam?

If you played the song on YouTube shortly after you shazamed - it might still be on your YouTube history list

After you deleted a friend in Friendster will your profile be also deleted from his Friendster list of friends?

Yes, :)

How do I get my downloaded games back on PS3 i went to download list but the game I deleted is not there what do I do?

There is only one way to your games back on your PS3. The only you can do that is by downloading them again.

Who is no ibrahim on Club Penguin?

add no ibrahim on your buddy list because hes only the one that has mimo 777 on his buddy list

Is there anyway to appear offline in YoVille?

on the new buddy list at the top in the blue where it says your buddy list it has go offline and click on it

How can one remove someone from their AOL Buddy List?

You can remove someone from their buddy list by sending an email to AOL to explain the process. The other way that this can be done is to right mouse click on the person and press delete and this will remove them from your buddy list.

Whereis your buddy list on aim?

To find your buddy list on aim, you will need to first log onto AOL. Select the â??Membersâ?? menu and select â??Buddy Listâ??. The â??Buddy Listsâ?? dialog box will appear.,

Why won't my buddy list show up when i log on?

just got the new homepage on aol and now i dont have a buddy list? where do i recover it at?