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yes u can because it's your Xbox 360 not Australia's unless there is a law that says no xbox 360's allowed in Australia.

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Does morrowind work on Xbox 360?

Yes but you can't buy it for xbox 360, but you can buy it for the original xbox and use it for the xbox 360

Can you use Xbox guitar on Xbox 360?

I think there are adapters you have to buy.

Can you use Xbox 369 gamerpoints to buy Xbox live?

No. (360)

Will you have to buy an xbox 360 to buy project natal?

When Project Natal is released, yes, you will need an Xbox 360 to use Natal.

Can you use a xbox 360 wired controller on battlefield 3 for pc?

You can buy a PC Xbox 360 controller.

Can you use a guitar hero controller for beatles rock band for xbox 360 I would buy the guitar and game separately?

yes if the guitar is for xbox 360 and if you buy the beatles rock band on the xbox 360

What is the difference to the Xbox 360 s to normal Xbox 360?

Xbox s has wifi adapter in it the normal one you have to buy one to use wireless

How do you get Microsoft points on your xbox 360?

you use the code on the back of a Microsoft point card or use a credit card and buy them off of the xbox 360 itself

How do you play max payne 2 on PC with an xbox 360 controller?

You can now buy an Xbox 360 controller just for PC. You cant use any existing controller for the Xbox 360 you have because its only for Xbox.

Can you use a wired xbox controller on battlefield play4free?

You need to buy a PC Xbox 360 controller.

Can Xbox 360 games bought in Lanzarote be used in Ireland?

If you bought an xbox 360 game anywhere, it can play on any xbox. If You buy a game from somewhere that uses PAL ( it says if it is PAL on the top of the xbox 360 case ) then it will work on an xbox 360 from Europe. But if you buy a game from somewhere like USA, then it will not work as they use something else :)

Can you use Xbox controlers on Xbox 360?

No you need XBOX 360 controllers.

Can a Xbox 360 use a noraml Xbox 360 controller?

The original Xbox controller doesn't work on the 360.

Can you use xbox360 controller on 360slim?

yes you can use the xbox 360 controllers on the xbox 360 slim. I use my controllers from my old xbox on my new 360 slim.

How do you link an Xbox with Xbox 360?

you don't need too, you can use xbox games on xbox 360

Can you use a Xbox 360 controller with an Xbox 360 elite?

Yes you can.

Does it cost money to use xbox live?

Yes it does you can buy xbox live codes at gamestop or get xbox live on your xbox 360 using a credit card

Can you use call of duty 2 for xbox 360 on a PC?

No you have to buy the pc version

Can a 4gb xbox 360 use a headset?

Yes, regardless of the storage capacity you can use a headset with the system. Make sure the headset you buy is compatible with the Xbox 360, then use the input on the bottom of your controller to plug it in.

How do you use a xbox 360 controller on a computer?

If you have a corded 360 controller just plug it in! If you have wireless you need to buy an adapter.

Can you trade in your ps2 and a memory card and 4 games for a xbox 360?

Probably not, but you can trade it in for money, and use some of that to buy an Xbox 360. The main reason for this is that the PS2 is not as high=profile and new as the Xbox 360, which is considered a much better console. If you want to trade something in for an Xbox 360, it should be as high-profile and desirable as an Xbox 360 itself.

Does an Xbox 360 wireless adapter work with all Xbox 360 elite?

I Have A Xbox 360 Wireless Adapter And I Use It On My Xbox 360 Elite It Works Fine

Can you use a Xbox 360 remote on a Xbox 360 console on a Xbox game?

sometimes but not always

Do you use regular contoller or Xbox 360 contoller if your play regular games on a Xbox 360?

I think the question is "Do you use an original Xbox or Xbox 360 controller when playing original Xbox games on an Xbox 360?" If it is than, you use an Xbox 360 controller. Left Bumper turns into "white button" Right Bumper turns into "black button"

If yu buy an Xbox 360 live wired headset is it only usable on Xbox live?

yes u cant use it on xbox or computer

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