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NO! you car stealing C*NT

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Q: Can you bypass imobiliser code on puegeot 106?
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How do you disable the 106 diesel immobilizer?

hello i recently had problems with 98 106 diesel. my imobiliser was keypad type next to the gear lever. the problem i had is that it would not turn its self off and the engine would not work. the way to reset it is to disconnect a connection which is next to the passenger head light. it is a round connection which is quite big. unscrew this, makesure it is clean and reconnect. start the engine. while the engine is running lift out the imobiliser key pad and disconnect the plug. turn off engine and restart no need for imobiliser!!!!! hope this helps

How do you correct a fault with the rear brake adjuster on a puegeot 106?

You can try removing the brake drums and spraying the adjusters down with brake cleaner. If it has been a while since the brakes have been replaced then new brakes and brake hardware will take care of the issue.

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Where do you find the paint color code on a peugot 106 1997?

I read in Haynes Peugeot 106 Modifying Manual that you find the paint code on the passenger outside (I think near the window) or lift the bonnet up and the code should be at the top of the bonnet (when open) Hannah

Wiring diagram and color codes for Peugeot 106?

There is not a colour code system as such on Peugeot's Near to the end of the wire is a number this is the code.

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