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If our immune system were that weak as to be affected by a few hours in cold temperature we would really be in trouble. viruses cause colds, usually the rhinovirus. The only way that freezer would give you a cold is if you were working with someone who had a cold in the freezer either at the same time or a day or two before. Wash your hands frequently and don't touch your nose, mouth or eyes.

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Q: Can you catch a cold by working inside a freezer on a job?
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How cold is the inside of a freezer?

The inside of a freezer is very hard to calculate! Although, I have calculated that it is about 15 to 31 degrees Celsius.

Can working in a freezer cause arthritus?

Working in a freezer does not cause arthritis. However, if someone is already suffering from arthritis, the cold will increase the intensity of it.

Will a freezer last longer in the garage than inside?

The life of the freezer depends on the conditions in which it is housed. If the garage is humid, hot or conversely very cold, then your freezer is better off inside.

Can you catch another cold while having a cold?

When you catch a cold, you have the virus that creates it inside you, you can still get more of the virus but you already have the cold

What is inside A freezer that keeps things cold?

something that is cold and solid like ice but that stuff does not melt

My refrigerator is not cold but the freezer works fine?

All of the cooling in refrigerators is normally done in the freezer compartment. A fan circulates cold air from the freezer into the refrigerator compartment to cool it. Most likely this fan has quit working.

How cold is inside a freezer?

Usually between 15 and 31 degrees Fahrenheit to keep things frozen but prevent freezer burn.

Why is Refrigerator nor and freezer not cold all fans are working it is side by side?

It might be out of freon.

Can the common cold be caught by working in the cold and rain?

A virus causes the common cold. You do not catch it by working in the cold and rain. However, working in the cold and rain can put stress on your body and on your immune system making you more susceptible to infection from viruses.

Catching cold from food?

You can catch a cold from food. This is if the food you are eating is really cold, for instance: ice cream from the freezer. Eating the cold food small bit by small bit helps you to avoid catching a cold.

Why would my refrigerator and freezer seem to stop running cold when there is nothing inside?

Strangely enough fridges and feezers actually need to have stuff inside them to work properly. A fridge or a freezer will work best when they are about 60-75% full. If they are too empty or too full then they won't be as cold.

How long does it take freezer to get cold?

It depends what you mean by 'cold' ! Most modern freezers can reach their working temperature of minus 18 degrees Celsius, in about an hour.

Why does a balon deflate when you put it in a freezer?

The air particles inside are less active, and tend to clump together because of the cold

How do you catch a snowflake?

You need something really cold. You or anything from inside your house will be too warm and the snowflake will melt as soon as it touches. If the weather outside is cold enough, you can leave something, like a spoon, outside until it cools off. Then you can use it to catch a snowflake. If the weather is too warm (the snow is not sticking to the ground, but melting), put the spoon in your freezer for a hour or so.

Why is your refrigerator is not cold and the freezer is not cold?

My refrigerator is not running cold nor is the freezer. It is blowing warm air.

What temperature should a freezer be at?

cold, very cold.

Will hot water get cold quicker in a freezer?

hot water in a freezer will get hotter depending if the freezer is turned on.

Why is it not vital to keep the lid of a chest freezer closed?

Any freezer needs to be kept closed as much as possible if you wish for it to remain cold. However a chest freezer will not warm up as fast as an upright freezer. This is because the cold air in the freezer is heavier than the air outside of the freezer. When you open an upright freezer the cold air "falls" out, this can't happen with a chest freezer.

What to do when refrigerator and freezer is not getting cold?

There could be several reasons why your refrigerator and freezer are not getting cold. When your refrigerator and freezer are not getting cold you should first refer to your users manual for troubleshooting help. If you can't find the answer there you should call a repair person to come and fix your freezer and refrigerator.

Why does your freezer not freeze?

the temperature in the freezer is not cold enough, try turning it up

Why is my Refrigerator cold and the freezer is not cold?

your freezers probably off

What is a freezer tumbler?

It keeps ice and cold drinks cold :)

Can you get sick from working in a cold office?

No, unless it is cold enough for you to get hypothermic or if you are hovering close to other people who carry a virus you catch when you are trying to stay warm. You do not get a cold or the flu from being cold in an office or outside or in a computer room kept cold, etc. They are caused by viruses. You only catch a cold or flu from a virus, not from the temperature.

What makes ice cream cold?

It is in a freezer when you buy it from the grocceries it is in the freezer and when you get home you put it in the freezer so it doesn't melt

What is a good cold insulator?