Can you check your own rental history?

  • There are various online resources available that allow a person to check rental history for a one time fee. Just do a search for "rental history" and quite a few will pop up. I advise to be cautious upon selecting one of these reports. Be wary of scams. In other words, don't just snatch up the first thing available without careful review. A few extra minutes of research can be the difference in your bank account and prevent identity theft.

Otherwise most Landlords follow this or a similar procedure:

  • Obtaining rental history is not so easy. Other characteristics of the tenant are easier to find out, ie - credit score, job history, monthly debt payments, monthly income, etc. By obtaining a credit report the Landlord can find out where the tenants have been living, verify that the person listed as the landlord is the one who owns the property, and then call for a reference. Previous landlords are the most obvious source. The problem with that is that some unscrupulous landlords will give a favorable reference for bad tenants in hopes that you'll rent to them. The landlord can verify that the person they name as their landlord actually is the owner of the property by checking the tax assessor's office. They also study the credit and criminal checks for addresses that the applicants may have somehow forgotten to mention. They also do reverse directory checks on phone numbers listed on the application.
  • Any of these (AND/OR) Reports are likely to be obtained by a Landlord for tenant screening. Credit report, Criminal report, Evictions search, OFAC search.
  • Please note: an OFAC search includes: FBI Watch Lists FBI Most Wanted FBI Most Wanted Terrorists FBI Seeking Information FBI Top Ten Most Wanted Interpol Most Wanted Non-cooperative Countries and Territories OFAC Sanctions Programs and Country Summaries OFAC's Specially Designated Nationals & Blocked Persons Politically Exposed Persons Terrorist Exclusion List Unauthorized Banks United Nations Consolidated List World Bank Debarred Parties Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Bank of England Consolidated List Bureau of Industry and Security OSFI Consolidated List - Canada DTC Debarred parties European Union Terrorism List.

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