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== == == == Hi, First I like them and they help prevent accidents and I wonder if all these cars that are built in Canada have them by default because it's a Canadian law, well I'll come off my pulpit now that's said...I've been going over this schematic 'till my eyes hurt. It seems as if part of the brake circuit goes through the DRL controller so you can't deactivate it but you may be able to disconnect it from the headlights. There looks as if there are two wires that mat be able to be interrupted. There is a red/green and a red/white wire that come from the DRL controller that could be the key. I need to find this pesky thing first and try it myself but I may need to wait 'till Spring 'cuz it's snowy and I park outside. If you find it please let us all know. I have a feeling it's under the dash but I'll do some investigating. I'll go to a dealer and ask the service people and poke around for answers. Let's hope this helps. Here's an answer that I found. I hope it'll help. Can someone tell me which wire to cut to eliminate the day time running lights feature on my ?97 Tracker? I?m moving to a country that does not allow the use of headlights during daylight hours. (That?s my story and I?m sticking to it.) First off - you shouldn't cut the wires, in case you ever come back to this country and have to reactivate the DRLs. That said, this is how they are hooked on my ?96 Tracker. Behind the fuse box in the drivers footwell is the headlight relay with a big white connector with 2 rows of wires going into it. Pull that out (press in the tab to release it.) On the top row of wires is one that is a red wire with a black tracer and silver bands on it. Use an unbent paper clip - I used the point of my test light - to depress the tab holding it in, remove it from the connector and wrap it with electrical tape. You have now disconnected the DRLs. Now for that pesky dashboard light. Same connector, bottom row, is an orange wire with a white tracer. Detach and tape in the same manner. No more DRLs and no obnoxious little dashboard light either. Disclaimer - this worked on a '96 Tracker 2dr. Check local laws regarding disconnection of DRLs. Also be sure the wires are taped off with electrical tape so as to not cause a short circuit or fire. Legal disclaimer - I accept no responsibility for any consequences resulting from this action, and other standard legal BS. --Cory J. Brown '96 Geo Tracker

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Q: Can you disconnect the daytime running lights on a 96 Geo Tracker if you can how do you?
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