Can you drink rubbing alcohol?

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NO! Rubbing alcohol is actually "wood alcohol". [Wood alcohol is Methanol, not Isporpyl Alcohol, which is what is typically considered "rubbing alcohol"]. Not at all the same as "grain alcohol" which is what is in alcoholic beverages. Wood alcohol can cause blindness or even death. Bad idea. You can have HORRIBLE intestinal pains, liver damage, other physical problems then probably a slow, horrible death.
If you do some research you will find that one of the components that Isopropyl alcohol breaks down into is acetone in your body, essentially you are drinking a poison which turns into a different poison (fingernail polish remover). You will have severe gastric distress with comsumption which will not be at all a pleasant experience.

The LD50 for isopropanol is around 15 grammes for a 70kg adult. It's metabolised to acetone, which is, however, only mildly poisonous, so i don't know why it's as toxic as it is. It's not wood alcohol, which is methanol, but is made using sulphuric acid and the petrochemical propene, a gas.
Rubbing alcohol is not wood alcohol, or methanol (which makes you blind at 10mL and dead at 30mL). It is simply an alcohol that is vaporized at a higher temperature than ethanol or drinking alcohol. It is not safe to drink by any means, but you dont need sulphuric acid to make it, or petrochemical propane. It can be produced by vaporizing a fermented alcohol at above 82oC. As said before, it can kill you or cause heavy liver damage. dont do it!
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What does rubbing alcohol have in it?

Active Ingredients Ethyl Alcohol by Volume 70% Ingredients Denatonium Benzoate , Methyl Isobutyl Ketone , Water The ingredients will be listed on the bottle. There are two standard kinds of rubbing alcohol: (1) one made with isopropryl alcohol, which has a certain toxicity but is more pleasant or ( Full Answer )

What are the ingredients in rubbing alcohol?

Rubbing alcohol is a liquid used topically for disinfection or to soothe, cool, or warm the skin. It is made from 70 to 95% ethanol, or ethyl alcohol, along with water, acetone, methyl isobutyl ketone, and additives to give it a bitter taste. Some products include perfumes or artificial coloring. ( Full Answer )

What is rubbing alcohol?

Isopropyl (or methyl) alcohol (or possibly ethyl alcohol) normally has the name "rubbing alcohol" applied to it. It is alcohol suitable for external use only; it's not safe for consumption. It is packaged with a bit of water, and the alcohol content varies from one manufacturer to another. It's betw ( Full Answer )

Can you drink rubbing alcohol as an internal disinfectant?

Do NOT Drink Rubbing Alcohol It can cause blindness. Rubbingalcohol is "isopropyl" alcohol, not the same chemical as grainalcohol, ("ethyl" alcohol). Don't drink it! Rubbing alcohol isPOISONOUS to drink!

Is rubbing alcohol safe for drinking?

\n. \n NO! NEVER! \n. \n. \nNo! Alcohol that is 'safe' for humans is ethanol. Rubbing alcohol and denatured alcohol are combined with other alcohols such as methanol that are poisonous. No way, not ever. The most common affect is blindness so don't even think about it!

Will rubbing alcohol kill plants?

Yes, if plants receive just a small amount you will see in just a week that your plant will start to dry up, the it will start to shrink in a few week's. This happens because the alcohol dries out the inside of the plant in a certain way that even if you give it water it will still die. Don't try us ( Full Answer )

Can you use isopropyl alcohol for rubbing alcohol?

Isopropyl alcohol and rubbing alcohol are not the same thing. Formost uses, yes you can. This is because: • Rubbing alcohol may contain eitherisopropyl alcohol or ethanol. • Rubbing alcohol is a mixture ofcompounds (type of denatured alcohol) whereas isopropyl alcohol isnot.

Can you get drunk from drinking rubbing alcohol?

Rubbing alcohol is extremely poisonous and if ingested it will lead to headaches nausea, vomiting, anesthesia and coma. Above is good answer. Rubbing alcohol is isopropyl alcohol, which is poisonous. DRINKING alcohol is ethyl alcohol.

What will drinking rubbing alcohol do?

It will either kill you or make you very, very ill. Symptoms depend on the exact chemicals in the product. Rubbing alcohol is usually isopropanol, but it may instead contain methanol, or ethanol with additives like acetone or formaldehyde to render it unfit for drinking. There may also be added colo ( Full Answer )

How much rubbing alcohol is deadly if you drink it?

Any amount is dealdly as it is not an edible product whatsoever. Although can be severely damaging. . Any amount is dealdly as it is not an edible product whatsoever. Although can be severely damaging.

How do you dispose of old rubbing alcohol?

EDIT : I found a government source (City of Toronto) thatsays NOT to pour rubbing alcohol down the drain. Sorry. Instead, call your local pharmacy on how to dispose of it. I'd put a link, but this site won't let me. So if youwant to find the source, look it up on the internet. (Was a bittricky t ( Full Answer )

Can rubbing alcohol be used on an infant?

No, as pediatricians, we prefer you NOT use rubbing alcohol - the alcohol can be absorbed into the body via the skin, creating a possibility of alcohol intoxication. The optimum way to cool down a child with a high fever is to put him/her in a warm bath and then turn on the cold spout - apply luke ( Full Answer )

Does rubbing alcohol kill fungus?

Yes, rubbing alcohol will kill fungus, assuming the living fungus cells are exposed to the alcohol. Isopropyl alcohol breaks down many of a cell's processes rendering it dead within a few seconds, a process called denaturation. \n. \nIf the cells of the fungus are not exposed directly to the rubb ( Full Answer )

How does rubbing alcohol affect plants?

On the Cornell University they used alcohol on a plant and here are the results from the Cornell University, states "We think it simply might be water stress; that is, the alcohol makes it more difficult for the plant to absorb water, so the plant suffers a slight lack of water, enough to reduce lea ( Full Answer )

Can drinking rubbing alcohol make you go blind?

No, but it will cause alcohol poisoning which has the symptoms of vomiting, confusion, slow breathing (less than eight breaths per minute), seizures, low body temperature, pale or blueish skin and unconsciousness.

Will rubbing alcohol heal herpes?

At the first hint that I am about to experience an outbreak I begin a regimen of L-Lysine 500 or 1000 mg tablets and I periodically saturate a cotton square with 91% Isopropyl alcohol and hold it on the irritated area for a few minutes. If you are at work you can get alcohol wipes or use a bit of pu ( Full Answer )

Why does rubbing alcohol separate ink?

Rubbing alcohol can be classified as an organic solvent, and assuch is capable of dissolving organic substances such as ink. Theink is soluble in rubbing alcohol.

What happens to your insides if you drink rubbing alcohol?

rubbing alcohol is not the same as any regular "grain" alcohol.rubbing alcohol is also known as "wood" alcohol and drinking it isa BAD IDEA. the isopropanol which is thus consumed will break downinto acetone and cause severe stomach pain. eventually the poisonmay cause blindness and death. basically ( Full Answer )

What episode of family guy has everyone drinking rubbing alcohol to get the pie?

\nI'm not sure, you could find out on\nBut it wasn't rubbing alcohol, it was ipecac that they all drink. It's a medicine that induces vomiting, for example my cousin had to drink it when he accidental ate something toxic. It's used for food poison and the like. and the contest was that who ( Full Answer )

What is 'Rubbing Alcohol'?

It is usually 70% synthetically produced Isopropyl alcohol and water. It is highly toxic and may cause death if consumed in even low quantities. Sometimes a perfume is added if it is actually to be used as a rub. It also may be 'denatured' alcohol which is ethanol (drinking alcohol) plus an added po ( Full Answer )

Is rubbing alcohol and alcohol the same thing?

Careful with this one - because the answer is yes AND no. Rubbing alcohol is AN alcohol, but it's NOT what people mean when they say just plain "alcohol". Alcohol (in common usage) is ethyl-alcohol (a 2 carbon molecule), whereas rubbing alcohol is methyl-alcohol (a one carbon molecule) which is qu ( Full Answer )

How much alcohol is there in rubbing alcohol?

Isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) and ethanol alcohol (liquor) are two very different things. Both chemicals are poison, but isol alc is literally a corrosive compound that illicits no euphoric chemical reaction in the brain. Ethanol is made thru a very different process and therefore is able to p ( Full Answer )

What happens if someone drinks rubbing alcohol?

Well I remember my stepmother who was an alcoholic once drank some. and she had a stroke and had to be put in a resthome. if I can remember. I don't think she could even walk. so sad.

Is rubbing alcohol the same as alcohol in beer?

No. The alcohol in beer is ethanol, the alcohol in rubbing alcohol is isopropanol.. yes this is right if you drank rubing alcohol you would most likely vomet

Why does rubbing alcohol kill plants?

Rubbing Alcohol kills plants because it drys the inside of a plant and even if you water it'll stil die in a few weeks.

What can rubbing alcohol do to your hair?

it kills all the lice in your hair.........just try it and you will mom should try it....another way you can get rid of lice is rubbing olive oil in your hair

Is rubbing alcohol haram or halal?

The word "alcohol" in the term "rubbing alcohol" is meant in the chemical sense. It is not the same kind of alcohol present in alcoholic drinks. Rubbing alcohol contains about 70% 2-propanol and 30% water. 2-propanol is actually poisonous, so you shouldn't drink it regardless.

Can rubbing alcohol cause alcohol poisoning?

Typically the type of alcohol in rubbing alcohol is ISOPROPYLALCOHOL. If someone were to drink this, the body would convert it intoacetone. Acetone can cause problems by itself, not exactly alcoholpoisoning, but acetone poisoning.

Did people drink rubbing alcohol in 1920?

During National Prohibition in the US, people sometimes drank various forms of non-potable or non-drinkable alcohol. This often led to blindness, paralysis and death.

How do you separate rubbing alcohol and ethyl alcohol?

Because the boiling point of isopropanol (rubbing alcohol) and ethyl alcohol are so close (making them an azeotrope), you can't do a standard distillation. Instead you use a technique called azeotropic distillation utilizing methyl ethyl ketone, cyclopentane or 2-pyrrolidinone (among many others) to ( Full Answer )

What are the effects of drinking about 6 to 8 ounces of rubbing alcohol?

8 ounces has severe or lethal effects. Less than 8 ounces can affect your nervous system, including breathing and heartbeat. Your digestive track will also be damaged. These effects are most likely to happen 30-60 minutes after ingestion, though food will slow the absorption rate. Rubbing alcohol al ( Full Answer )

Will you die from one drink of rubbing alcohol?

It is possible, but unlikely. Isopropyl alcohol is diluted withwater, so you would have to drink more than a few ounces. You mightalso vomit it back up before it was absorbed. The most likelyeffect would be nerve damage, blindness, or brain seizures if anyof the alcohol got into the bloodstream.

How do you do an alcohol rub?

Rubbing alcohol is ethanol or isopropyl alcohol containing a dye(generally blue) and some other additives for denaturing; rubbingalcohol is not for drinking.