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Can you file a law suit due to the motion of relief from stay due to stress?



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Wow...really trying to find others at fault for your actions aren't you? So, you made promises to pay things and didn't. Enough of them that you filed bankruptcy for protection. (Well consider too, the not paying as you agreed, and the filing for bankruptcy is certainly a very stressful thing for those relying on you acting as you promised and to pay). The BK forced these people, by issuing a stay (and taking away their rights to act against you), to not bother you anymore and to accept that they have to put up with whatever hardship your causing them, and the court tells them to. AND your given another chance, to pay at least some of the debt, under new more favocrable to you terms, and you agree and promise to do so. Then you don't abide by that agreement either. So the court agrees to lift that stay and let the people you've now consistantly lied to, cost huge problems and inconvenience to, etc., to go about collecting against you. Oh, they also gave you a chance to say why the stay shouldn't be lifted, but apparently, you didn't bother, or had no good reason to give. More likely they should be able to sue you for all the stress and disrespect you've caused them, breaking agreements to them, the court, society, well everyone and every way...but they really can't...all they can try and do is get what is owed to them...and you promised (many times) to pay. But it's stressful for you that they are following the rules of the court you brought them too? Pathetic.