Can you file for unemployment benefits if you were hospitalized?

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You can FILE for unemployment benefits but they will be paid only for the period when you were available for work. For example, if you were hospitalized between 8/01/2014 and 08/15/2014, came home and felt you could return to work on 08/20/2014, your 'waiting period' would start on 08/20/2014 (you should obtain a return to work note from your doctor).
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Who pays unemployment insurance benefits?

Unemployment Payments and the Law Each state pays its unemployed workers from the pool of unemployment taxes it collected from employers, based on their number of employees and their turnover history. The formulae is different for each state. According to the Related Links below the state collects ( Full Answer )

How do you file for unemployment?

You will need proof that you have left your last job, if you had one, and Identification papers (birth certificate / drivers license, passport). Then you will have to go to the local welfare offices and probably queue for a while, ask FIRST who you have to see regarding unemployment. Then give them ( Full Answer )

When can you file for unemployment?

One can file for unemployment any time they are laid off, furloughed, or terminated from an employer covered by unemployment insurance. Whether that person receives unemployment benefits or not is dependent on the the conditions of separation, federal, state and local law, and sometimes the outcome ( Full Answer )

File overpayment of unemployment benefits in Bankruptcy?

You probably won't get any protection/relief for that.. First, overpayments and amounts due to most governmental agencies are given a very high priority.. Second, and more importantly, is that under almost any instance of you receiving unemployment that you weren't supposed to, it is because of yo ( Full Answer )

Hospital shut down day shift hrs worked offered night shift at another hospital they own twenty miles away if turned down can unemployment be filed?

Nope. If they made the genuine offer in another office and you turned it down, that is considered a "voluntary quit" ... you cannot collect unemployment if you refuse to work. These days, traveling 20 miles for work is nothing - I did 24 miles each way for 25 years - if it's where the work is and wo ( Full Answer )

Can you file for unemployment if filing lawsuit?

why not? In some contries. an act is presumed to be illegal unless it is specifically legalized. In America, if something is not specifically prohibited, such as applying for unemployment while filing a lawsuit is no prohibited, so have at it.. This reminds me of a Russian story by Chechov, The Man ( Full Answer )

Does your past employer pay for your unemployment benefits or are they contacted that you have filed for unemployment?

yes and no. it is required for an employer to pay a certain percentage of your unemployment, but most employers have unemployment insurance that pays the claim. so the employer just pays his premium. To receive unemployment, the state has to determine that you were laid off, voluntarily quit or f ( Full Answer )

What happens if you filed for unemployment benefits late?

Generally, your base period is for the past 12 months. When you do file they usually will allow only retro-activity to the last week from your filing date, so the longer you wait, the less you will receive, because your base period is getting shorter. Each state is different, so you need to file or ( Full Answer )

If you took an early retirement in 2003 can you file for unemployment benefits in 2009?

No.States, almost without exception, require you to have worked in the last 5 quarters (15 months) to even be eligible. If you have not worked since 2003 you are definitely outside the minimum time frame. You might qualify for Social Security (given age, and if worked for a period of ten years befor ( Full Answer )

Can a part timer file for unemployment benefits?

Yes, but you have to qualify, by your own state's criteria, regarding wages earned in the base period, amount of wages earned, reason for losing your job, etc. like any other claimant for compensation

Can you file taxes while receiving unemployment benefits?

Yes. You will know the amount after you complete your 2009 income tax return. Go to the Related Link below and use the search box type FREE TAX HELP AVAILABLE NATION WIDE Nearly 12,000 free tax preparation sites will be open nationwide this year as the Internal Revenue Service continues to expan ( Full Answer )

What is the statute of limitations for filing for unemployment benefits in Florida?

There is not a "statute of limitations" per se but there are requirements you must meet to be eligible for unemployment benefits in the state of Florida. Among these are that you made a certain amount of money and worked a certain length of time during a base period, which is usually five quarters p ( Full Answer )

If you were unemployed and did not get unemployment benefits do you need to file your taxes?

No and If you did not have any other worldwide income you would not be required to file a income tax return. ans The above is incorrect. You may well have no job or unemployment and have many reasons and needs to file. For example a stock trade. A sale of an asset. interest or dividend income ( Full Answer )

How does working affect your unemployment benefits?

If you complied with the unemployment laws of your state, then reporting the income will offset your benefits by some formula your state uses, up to the amount of your benefit. What you do not collect is still available to you as long as the benefit year has not expired. If you do NOT report the inc ( Full Answer )

Can unemployment benefits be attached by law?

Unemployment benefits can be garnished for spousal or child support and may be reduced by any amount of overpayment of previous unemployment benefits. Creditors cannot attach the benefits, however.

If you are hospitalized can you still receive unemployment benefits?

There are too many factors missing in the question. If you qualify, as any other claimant, and are able to comply with all the requirements, and what the source of being hospitalized, the state you work in, etc. then maybe. Its best, however, to check with your own state's employment security office ( Full Answer )

Can you collect unemployment benefits and disability?

It depends on the state and the nature of the disability. If you are permanently disabled and can't work then you probably can not get unemployment. They will ask you in the check claiming process if you are able to work. Some states will allow eligibility if you have a disability, but it depend ( Full Answer )

Can an employee that was fired for filing an unemployment claim collect unemployment payments and worker's compensation benefits at the same time?

Since no one can be fired unless employed ... An employee fired for filing a false unemployment claim contrary to state law, can be denied UI benefits since he was fired for misconduct. If that same employee qualified for WC benefits by timely filing an honest workplace injury claim, his firing an ( Full Answer )

How do you estimate unemployment benefits in California?

They use the highest paid quarter in the base period. Benefits range from $40 to $450, with the wages needed in the highest quarter to earn the highest benefits being $11,674.01, See the item "How are UI benefits calculated?" in the Related Link below.

Is there an unemployment disability benefit?

If you file for unemployment and are not able to work, then you will be ineligible for benefits. However, if you are currently receiving benefits and become disabled, then would be flagged in their system to continue with benefits. It is a process because once you notify them of your disab ( Full Answer )

What is the maximum unemployment benefit in Minnesota?

According to their Government Website: How much will I receive? The weekly benefit amount is about 50percent of a person's average weekly wage up to a state maximum of $640 . A Determination of Benefit Account showing your weekly benefit amount and total amount of benefitsavailable will b ( Full Answer )

Do you have to be employed fulltime to get unemployment benefits?

No. Most states use formulas based on wages earned in the base period, and a work history of some minimum time period. The calculations can also be used to determine partial unemployment benefits, too. As each state makes their own determinations, check with your state's office for clarification.

How long do you have until it's too late to file for Unemployment Benefits?

Each state has its own requirements, but there is a clue, in that most require a work history in the first 4 of the last 5 completed calendar quarters before the filing date.. They then have requirements about what period in that base period you had to have earnings. The earlier you apply, the bette ( Full Answer )

What is the statute of limitations for filing unemployment benefits in Texas?

According to the Related Link below, your work history for the first 4 of the last 5 completed calendar quarters are used to determine eligibility and amount of benefits. You had to have had earnings in 2 of the 4 quarters in the base period mentioned above. Also, you can't use the quarter you're fi ( Full Answer )

Do you have to file if you collected unemployment benefits?

Anytime that you need unemployment benefits you have to refile. When you refile you will be advised if you are eligible for benefits. Sometimes you will reopen an existing claim if it is within the same base period that you were collecting in previously, in which case your unemployment amount will r ( Full Answer )

Can you file a tax return with just unemployment benefits as an income?

Not only can you file a tax return with just unemployment benefits, but in some cases you have to. Unemployment benefits are considered income, and as long as your income is greater than the filing threshold, you have to file a return. For 2012 the filing thresholds are $9,750 for single filers ( Full Answer )