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yes, you can, though they are not as good

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Q: Can you freeze left over canned frijoles?
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You have shrimp chicken and sausage gumbo left over freeze or not?

Freeze it.

Can you freeze left over meals in those paper plates?

no u have to freeze it in a plastic box

How do you freeze left over baked ham?

put it in the freezer

What do Cannibals do with the left over parts?

Freeze them, save them for later.

Does frangelico freeze?

Mine did =/ left it in the freezer over night because it's 40 proof and found it slushy tonight

How do you freeze left over turkey breast?

Use a low temperature, preferably below 0 degrees Celsius.

Can you freeze left over creamed corn?

Sure, you can. Be sure to place the corn in a sealed container before placing in the freezer.

When you have used marzipan what is best way to store what is left?

Given that Marzipan is sugar/ground almonds I just freeze any that is left over. It thaws very quickly and is pliable again. Mind you I love marzipan so it is seldom that I find any left over :)

Freeze left over ham?

Leftover ham can be frozen in an air-tight container or zip-lock freezer bag.

Can you freeze left over bakewell tart filling?

Yes, if it's well sealed in a container where all of the air has been expelled.

Why doesn't a river freeze over?

Though some rivers can freeze over, some do not. One of the reasons that a river does not freeze over is that the kinetic energy of the moving water prevents it from freezing.

Why was the Olympics stopped in 400AD?

Because Greece was taken over by the Romans. The Romans canned the games. Because Greece was taken over by the Romans. The Romans canned the games.

How do you cook canned ravioli?

Canned ravioli is already cooked, it just needs to be reheated, there are several ways to reheat canned ravioli, over a gentle heat in a sauce pan, in a dish in the microwave, in a hot oven and in a billy can over a camp fire are a few examples.

Should tomato sauce br stored in metal?

Not unless it's commercially canned. If you have left over tomato sauce at home put it in glass or plastic. The acid in the tomato can react with metal.

How much anti-freeze do you need to fill an empty radiator in a 1993 ford explorer?

Four quarts of anti-freeze mixed 50/50 with four quarts of preferably distilled water should do the job, you may have some left over.

Can you freeze left over seafood gumbo?

If it's been cooked, you cannot freeze it and cook it again, you'd end up with food poisoning due to food contamination.

Can you freeze craberry sauce?

Depending on which type of cranberry sauce you have, it may or may not be frozen without the texture becoming too watery. If you are using canned cranberry sauce, it is best not to freeze it. Canned cranberry sauce has a lot of pectin, which creates that gelatinous texture. If frozen then thawed, the cells burst open and leave the product watery and definitely not as appealing or appetizing as when it was first opened from the can. If you are using freshly prepared cranberry sauce, you can freeze it a little better than its canned counterpart. Since fresh cranberry sauce is usually less gelatinous and has quite a few other ingredients (such as other fruits like oranges, pears, apples, etc), it will hold its texture better after being frozen then thawed. I suggest placing the fresh cranberry sauce in a freezer zip to bag with the air removed or in a freeze container. When using the freezer container, place a piece of plastic wrap directly over the surface of the sauce, then place the lid on top. It will hold in the freezer for about 1 to 3 months.

Can you freeze left over beef stew?

Yes you can. It actually tastes great after a few days. I have done it many of times and it won't do any harm to your wonderful cooking.

Can turkey stock be left on stove over night and be safe?

No, you will have created a smörgåsbord for bacteria. You should refrigerate it, or freeze it in containers leaving an a 1 inch gap at the top.

Can a bank freeze your account over a sworn affidavit from an individual statement?

No, a bank will not freeze your account without a court order from a judge. They won't freeze an account over an individual statement.

Can you freeze jello shots?

Can u freeze jello shots over nite

How do you get past the second door on Super Villain Island?

To beat the doors in the Binary Bard's dream, you need the Stopwatch from Captain Crawfish's dream. Take the red key from over the door and open the chest on the lower deck. Then you can use the green key to open the chest at the upper left side (contains the turpentine for the Black Widow's dream). To get through a door, freeze it when it is open the widest. To get past the owl, jump left, then quickly right and freeze the door before the owl can grab you. To get past the mouse, freeze him near the right side and jump on him to get over the wall.

Will eating canned corn make you fat?

If you eat canned corn all your life then yes, but if you eat a well balanced nutritional diet then no. But corn on the cob is better for you than canned corn. Any choice you get eat fresh fruit or vegetables over canned or packaged fruit or vegetables.

Did Niagara Falls freeze over in 1932?

Not only did Niagara Falls freeze over in 1932, it also froze over in 1911. It did not freeze solid, however, as there were a few trickles of water that still flowed. The link below has some spectacular photographs of both events.

How do you tone down the spiciness of a dish that is already made?

Add more non picy contents Then freeze what ever is left over for another time I already tried that