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If you activate polymorization, then yes you may fuse monsters in your hand, or on the field. You must also have the correct fusion monster in your fusion deck.

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Can you use fusion cards to help summon XYZ Fusion Monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh?

No, cards like 'Polymerization', 'Future Fusion', and 'Fusion Gate' cannot be used to summon any of the XYZ Fusion Monsters. These Fusion Monsters cannot be Fusion Summoned and requires you to banish the monsters listed on the Fusion Monster from your side of the field in order to Special Summon them.

Can you Fusion or Synchro with Set monsters?

In most instances, monsters used for a Fusion Summon can be face-down on the field. However, you cannot Synchro Summon with set monsters, only face-up ones.

Can you summon a elemental hero neos fusion by sending cards from your hand?

No, the 'Neos' fusion monsters state how they must be summoned on their cards. The monsters must be returned from field to deck, you can't summon them like regular Fusion monsters using a fusion card and components in hand.

If you activate De-synchro on an opponents monsters do you get to special summon the monsters used for that synchro summon to your field?

Nope. Same as De-Fusion. You can't get an opponent's monster on your side of the field by activating De-Synchro or De-Fusion.

How do you summon ritual monsters on Yu-Gi-Oh forbidden memories ps1?

In Yugioh Forbidden Memories, to summon ritual monsters you need to use the ritual card when you have the three required monsters on the field.

How do you summon a Fusion Monster if one of the Fusion Material Monsters is another Fusion Monster?

When it comes to using Fusion Monsters as Fusion Material Monsters, they are used no differently than any other monster you would use as a Fusion Material Monster.For example, in order to use Polymerization, the required Fusion Material Monsters must be present in your hand and/or field. Since Fusion Monsters cannot exist in your hand, if you needed to Fusion Summon Dragon Master Knight, you will need to have the Fusion Monster Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon on the field and Black Luster Solider in your hand or on the field.It should also be noted that some Fusion Monsters like Dragon Master Knight do not state that "a Fusion Summon of this monster can only be conducted with the above Fusion Material Monsters". So you can use Fusion Substitute Monsters like King of the Swamp in place of the Fusion Monster.

If you use De-Fusion a Fusion Monster do you get back the Fusion Material Monsters from your graveyard?

Yes, you will Special Summon the Fusion Material monsters for the Fusion Monster; as long as the following conditions are met:The Fusion Monster you are targeting was Fusion SummonedAll the monsters used to Fusion Summon must be your GraveyardFor example, if you use De-Fusion on your Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon (BEUD), it will be returned to your Extra Deck. Then, if that BEUD was Fusion Summoned and all the monsters used to Fusion Summon it are in your Graveyard, you can Special Summon all of them to your side of the field. This includes Substitute Fusion Material monsters if they were used.If the Fusion Monster was not Fusion Summoned, it will still be returned to the Extra Deck, but no additional monsters will be Special Summoned.These same rules apply to your opponent's Fusion Monster you target with De-Fusion. However, if your opponent is in control of your Fusion Monster when you target it, the Fusion Monster will be returned to your Extra Deck and the Fusion Material monsters will be Special Summoned to your side of the field.

Can you use polymerization to create a NEW fusion monster or not?

Polymerization is used to Fusion Summon Fusion Monsters from your Extra Deck in Yu-Gi-Oh!. You do not create a "new" monster out of thin air. You must have included the Fusion Monster you are trying to Summon in your Extra Deck. You must also fuse the monsters that are listed on the Fusion Monster.To Fusion Summon a Fusion Monster, you activate Polymerization (unless specifically stated otherwise, such as on XYZ-Dragon Cannon) and send the appropriate Fusion Material Monsters to the Graveyard (from your Hand or your side of the field). Once this criteria is met, place the appropriate Fusion Monster on the field in face-up Attack or Defense Position. Note that this is treated as a Fusion Summon.PolymerizationSPELL/NormalSend Fusion Material Monsters that are listed on a Fusion Monster Card from your Hand or your side of the field to the Graveyard, and Special Summon that Fusion Monster from your Extra Deck.

Which yugioh card allows you to summon more than 5 monsters?

You have five monster slots on your Field, so even a card that can summon an unspecified amount of monsters (like Return from the Different Dimension) you will still only be able to summon a maximum of 5 to your own side of the field. There are no cards that can increase this, and Trap Monsters take up a monster card slot so it's not like you could have five regular monsters and an Embodiment of Apophis.

How do you activate Fusion Gate in Yu-Gi-Oh?

The card text for "Fusion Gate" reads: As long as this card is face-up on the field, a Fusion Monster can be Special Summoned without using "Polymerization". The Fusion-Material monsters used in the Fusion are not sent to the Graveyard, but are removed from play.In other words, instead of having to activate the card "Polymerization" to Fusion Summon monsters, you activate the Field Spell (just like activating any optional card effect). You select the Fusion Monster in your Extra Deck and send Fusion Material monsters from your side of the field or hand out-of-play (just like "Polymerization", except the monsters aren't sent to the Graveyard) and Special Summon the Fusion Monster.

Can you use Re-Fusion to special summon an Elemental Hero fusion that is in the graveyard?

Almost, if not all Elemental Hero Fusions say "This card cannot be special summoned, except by Fusion Summon". This means the only way it can ever hit the field is by Fusion Summon. Some monsters say "can only be special summoned by.." and this listed method is just for the initial summon from hand, if you do this properly, you are allowed to resummon them from the graveyard with cards like Monster Reborn. However, the 'except by' monsters are different, even if you properly special summon them, you still can't revive them from the graveyard like this. Because of that, Elemental Hero fusions are not valid targets for Re-Fusion, as it does not 'Fusion Summon' them.

Can you use polymerization for the Elemental Hero Aqua Flare etc Neos?

No. The Neos Fusion Monsters that use Neo Spacians can ONLY be Special Summoned by "Contact Fusion", meaning the fusion material monsters must be on the field and are sent to the Graveyard to Special Summon the monster.

How do you summon a Yugioh fusion card with a really high level and for Ex blue eyes ulatmate dragon?

A Fusion monster's level is almost entirely irrelevant. The Fusion monster will say what its components are, so for BEUD, it is 3x Blue-Eyes White Dragon. So that means if you have 3 Blue-Eyes White Dragon in any combination of hand or field, as well as a fusion card like Polymerization, then you can fusion summon the BEUD. Fusion monsters may have special summon text is their summoning method is different from above, like the Gladiator Beast fusions or Elemental HERO Neos fusions that do not use Polymerization.

Can the effect of light from a hex-sealed fusion be used to summon Cyber End Dragon or Cyber Twin Dragon in Yu-Gi-Oh?

Yes, you can use the effect of The Light - Hex-Sealed Fusion to Special Summon either Cyber-fusion monster. Obviously you need to have Hex and one or more Cyber Dragons on the field to use its effect. However, you cannot use Hex to Fusion Summon (using Polymerzation, Future Fusion, etc.) any of the Cyber-fusion monsters because their text states a Fusion Summon of the monster must be conducted with the correct monsters.

Can you Fusion Summon monsters from your hand?

Answer: If you are asking if you can use the fusion material monsters from your hand then yes if you are using the Polymerization card or Fusion Gate. But for other cards like Miracle Fusion or the Hex Sealed series they should be in the field.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------You should never have a Fusion monster in your hand. Fusion monsters go in the Extra Deck, where they can be brought out at any time if you have the appropriate Fusion card and Fusion material monsters. If you are referring to if a Fusion monster is targeted by an effect that says "return **** monster to its owner's hand" then the Fusion monster is return back to the Extra Deck, not the hand. The same goes for Synchro monsters.

When you fusion summon Elemental Hero Dark Neos. Do you return the Fusion Material Monsters back onto your field when Elemental Hero Dark Neos returns back to your Fusion Deck?

No, nowhere on the card does it even imply that happens.

Do you have to use polymerization to do a fusion summon?

Not all the time. Some fusion monsters have special summoning conditions. e.g: Elemental Hero Neos fusions can only be summoned by returning the fusion material monsters from the field to the deck. XYZ Dragon Cannon can only be summoned by removing the fusion material monsters on the field from play There are also other cards for monster fusion, here are a few examples and a URL for a full list and more info. -Fusion Gate -Super Polymerization -Future Fusion

How do you you use the fusion gate.....can you get the fusion materials from the deck and out them from play?

Fusion Gate means you can fuse monsters without using Polymerization, by removing the components from play. It does not otherwise modify the usual Fusion Summon rules, that the components must either be in your hand or on your side of the field.

How do you perform Contact Fusion?

In order to Contact Fuse, the monsters must be on the field (face-up or face-down). You declare to your opponent that you are performing a Contact Fusion and reveal the monsters you will be fusing on the field. Then you must meet the cost of the Contact Fusion by sending the Fusion Material monsters back to your deck (like for Neo Spacian & Neos fusions), to the Graveyard or out-of-play (like for any VWXYZ Fusion monsters or Armitael, Phantom of Chaos) and Special Summon your Fusion Monster (this does not count as a Fusion Summon). If you have the Fusion Material monsters but the Fusion monster you are trying to get is not in your Fusion deck, you cannot Fuse. It's important to note that this is all done in "one fell swoop". In other words, your opponent doesn't get a chance to respond or chain to your Contact Fusion when you declare it to maybe destroy one of your monsters. After you Special Summon the monster, a card can be activated (like, unfortunately, a Bottomless Trap Hole or Solemn Judgement to destroy your new monster...). I hope this will clear up anything you wanted to know about Contact Fusions, but you can always check out this link for clarification:

How do you stack in Yugioh?

you mean exceed summon? lets say for example you want to summon 39: Utopia, it requires 2 level four monsters, so you must have 2 NON TOKEN level four monsters and put the exceed monster on top of the 2 level 4 monsters. (they are no longer considered on the field, so reborn tengu wont get his effect if he is detached)

Can you special summon from the graveyard fusion monsters in yugioh?

Fusion Monsters can only be Special Summoned from the Graveyard after it has been successfully Fusion Summoned onto the field first. If it was sent to the Graveyard via an effect such as Gale Dogra, it cannot be Special Summoned from the Graveyard.Once a Fusion Monster has been successfully Fusion Summoned, it becomes eligible to be Special Summoned from the Graveyard unless it is specifically forbidden from doing so either by its own effect or by another card's effect. Some Fusion Monsters may have the text "...cannot be Special Summoned except by Fusion Summon..." This would imply that even if it was successfully Fusion Summoned, it cannot be Special Summoned from the Graveyard afterwards. An example of this kind of card is Dark Paladin.Dark PaladinDARK/Spellcaster/Level 8/Fusion/EffectATK: 2900DEF: 2400"Dark Magician" + "Buster Blader"This monster cannot be Special Summoned except by Fusion Summon. As long as this card remains face-up on the field, you can discard 1 card from your Hand to negate the activation and effect of 1 Spell Card and destroy it. The ATK of this card increases by 500 points for each Dragon-Type monster on the field and in either player's Graveyard.

Is it true that in yugioh you can only put one monster on the field a during your turn?

No, it's not true. You get only one 'Normal Summon' per turn, but not only can other cards 'Special Summon' one or more monsters in the same turn as you do this, but other cards can let you Normal Summon more than once too.

When you use Polymerization do the component monsters have to be on the field or can use them while in your hand?

For Polymerization, the Fusion Components/ Fusion Material Monsters can either be in your hand or on the field, or a combination of both.

How do you summon synchro monster?

You must first have a tuner monster and another monster present on the field, The level of those monsters must be equal to the level of the synchro monster you are attempting to summon. Next you place the two monsters from your field into the graveyard then place the synchro monster on the field. This is considered a synchro summon.

What kind of monsters can you fuse in Yu-Gi-Oh?

This all depends on the Fusion monster. If a Fusion monster like "Thousand Dragon" needs "Baby Dragon" and "Time Wizard", you activate "Polymerization" and send the monsters from your hand and/ or field to Fusion Summon "Thousand Dragon". There are cards called Fusion-Substitute Monsters monsters that can be used. They have written in their text: You can substitute this card for any 1 Fusion-Material Monster. When you do this, the other Fusion-Material Monster(s) must be the correct one(s).So in the case of "Thousand Dragon", you can use the Fusion-Substitute Monster "Versago the Destroyer" to take the place of "Baby Dragon" or "Time Wizard" when fusing. You cannot use two or more Fusion-Substitute Monsters in the same fusion as stated in the text. Some Fusion monsters have written in their text "A Fusion Summon of this Monster can only be conducted with the above Fusion Material Monsters." This means that you cannot use Fusion-Substitute Monsters in the fusion for the monster. Some Fusion monsters do not call for specific names of monsters to be fused. An example is "Chimeratech Overdragon". It's Fusion-Material Monsters are 1 "Cyber Dragon" + 1 or more Machine-Type monsters. Once you have the "Cyber Dragon", you can fuse any other Machine-Type monsters you have. A Fusion-Substitute Monster can be used instead of "Cyber Dragon", but the rest of the monsters must be Machine-Type.