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Do you mean Medicaid (Welfare) Are you referring to getting a Medi-Gap policy to cover what Medi-care doesn't pay? Here's Medicare's 40 page booklet on dual coverage

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Q: Can you get a discount on medical insurance due to the fact that you receive Medicaid A B by using one as a primary and the other as a secondary?
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Can you drop medical coverage for your dependent children when they obtain state Medicaid coverage?

When a non custodial parent is ordered by the court to pay medical coverage, and the custodial parent applies for Medicaid that does not mean that the dependent child's medical coverage can be terminated by the non custodial parent. The ordered insurance becomes the primary insurance, and Medicaid becomes the secondary.

Does medicaid require another insurance?

Sometimes. Depends upon your particular health conditions. One with diabetes, for instance, is going to need secondary medical insurance to help cover the expenses that Medicaid or Medicare do not cover completely.

Can Doctor's refuse Medicaid?

They certainly can. Medicaid is a state run health insurance for the those eligible. Think of it as a business. Medicaid is just another health insurance to medical private offices, but it doesn't pay as well as other private insurances. As the result, many medical offices do not sign up with Medicaid.

You have no medical insurance what do you do?

Go to Job and Family Services and sign up for Medicaid. Call the hospital and ask if they have a financial aid program. Ask your provider to pay the balance in full with a discount due to no insurance.

Which companies offer discount medical insurance?

Agile Health Insurance makes it simple to choose, compare & apply online for affordable Health Insurance from leading Health Insurance Companies with ObamaCare options, Short-Term Health & Dental Insurance too!

Where can one purchase individual medical insurance?

One can purchase individual medical insurance from various medical insurance companies that include Blue Cross, Medicaid, Humane and United Way all of which are good options.

Can someone claim medicare or medicaid if currently under medical coverage?

Having private insurance does not make one ineligible for Medicaid or Medicare.

You have medicare insurance and your spouse has medical insurance provider which includes you which medical insurance is primary nfor you?

If you have medicare and you are a dependent on your spouses medical insurance policy then you would be primary under your spouse and Medicare would be secondary payor. There are a few circumstances where Medicare would be primary but very few (your spouse is covered under COBRA, the group is less than 20 members, or you have end stage renal disease.) Medicare is 99.99 % always secondary because it is a government program (much like Medicaid.) I hope this helps:) Evan

What is meant by primary and secondary insurance coverage?

Primary insurance coverage is what is first used when a medical service is being rendered. This is what will be billed first. Secondary insurance is supposed to cover what the primary insurance does not.

What does coinsurance mean in medical insurance's?

It's secondary or tertiary insurance that is held to cover any medical expenses the primary insurance policy does not cover or does not cover completely.

What does a basic individual medical insurance plan cost?

You could possibly qualify for free medical, individual medical insurance. Try filling out an application for Medicare or Medicaid and see where that gets you. To learn more about individual costs on medical insurance, please visit the site:

Does SSI Cover Kidney Medicine?

SSI (Supplemental Security Income) is not health insurance and does not provide medical care. You might be thinking about Medicaid, given that SSI recipients are eligible for Medicaid. Your medical provider would be able to tell you whether Medicaid in your state provides the medicine that you have in mind.

If my husband gets a job and has insurance will Medicaid cancel my insurance. I am currently pregnant and didn't have insurance so I applied and got approved. Do I have the option to keep medicaid?

No. More information would be necessary to give an exact resolution, but you are not allowed to have both private insurance and Medicaid. You can not have both private insurance and medicaid at the same time. That is what is called double dipping. You husbands plan should have an option to "opt-in" to his plan if it is a group medical provided through work.

Is Medical pay on an Auto Policy primary over Health Insurance or secondary?

No. You will have to use your health insurance first.

What are some insurance companies that offer medical insurance for individuals?

Some companies that offer medical insurance for individuals include Aetna, Anthem, Humana, and Cigna. For those who qualify in the United States, the government also offers Medicare and Medicaid.

Dose medicaid take from insurance settlements?

Yes, to recover cost of medical care that for which the defendant in the settlement was liable.

What should an uninsured person do to get medical insurance or assistance after a dirt bike accident which he still needs medical care and surgery resulting from that accident?

Try Medicaid

If you have medicaid or other health insurance can a medical provider file a lien against the bill instead of billing Medicaid or the health carrier?

A provider is not required to accept Medicaid or private insurance. However, if the provider indicated to you that s/he was doing so in your case, there's at least an ethical problem. In Illinois, a provider who accepts a patient as Medicaid cannot bill the patient if Medicaid fails to pay due to the provider's negligence in billing.

Do you need a special license or insurance to be a personal care attendant in mass when you are already a certified medical assistant?

Yes you will need special insurance to be a personal care attendant in Massachusetts. You will have to have Medicaid insurance.

What are the benefits of Atena health insurance?

Aetna Health Insurance offers the benefits of medical health insurance for coverage of almost every medical condition. It also offers discount prescriptions and low copays depending on your plan.

What is the origin of income in the medical office?

Insurance payments would have to be the primary source of income, then Medicare, Medicaid and self pay.

Can medicaid help a disabled person with no insurance?

If the government agrees that the person is disabled and needs medical care medicaid is most likely the insurance they will give that person. The programs are administered by the states and so qualifications vary. There are usually requirements in terms of income and assets was well as degree of medical care needed.

Are Medical Alert systems covered by Medicare or Medicaid?

Medicare does not cover medical alert systems. Most insurance carriers will not cover it either even with doctor's prescription.

Who decides what Medicare or Medicaid covers?

The coverages of medicare or medicaid are determined by a panel of experts consisting of medical personnel, actuaries, valuers of the respective Insurance Company. This panel of experts determines how many coverages can be admitted in a particular medical policy from the point of view of economy and sustainability. However, the Insurance Companies have social responsibility to provide medical coverage to common people at affordable cost.

What is third insurance called?

pertaining to medical insurance; primary secondary TERTIARY IS THE ANSWER