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Yes, it's all about marketing. How well can you market yourself? Many smaller places will want someone with the knowledge and not be so concerned about the degree or where it came from. That's the kind of place you need to find.

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Q: Can you get a job with an online degree in business computer information systems?
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What systems degree programs focus on applying computers to business problems?

IS or information systems degree

What kind of degree can you get at a technical school?

There are several degrees that you can get at a technical school. The first one is a Marketing degree. Second a Computer degree in programming or Business information Systems.

What degree does one need to work in computer network systems?

A computer science degree would be very helpful if one wanted to work with computer network systems. Other degrees that would aid employment are business analyst degree or a management information scientist degree. However, many people learn to work on computer network systems merely through hands on training.

What are the requirements for computer and information systems managers?

Computer and information systems managers need a bachelor's degree in computer or information science. In addition, they typically require work experience.

What majors are associated with an ABA degree?

The ABA is particular to an Associate of Business Administration. That is the designation (ABA). It is a degree unto itself. However, there are a number of business degrees to include straight business, business management, business computer information systems etc.

Where can you find more information about computer information systems degrees?

Many universities and colleges offer programs in computer information systems. Someone who wants information on a degree for computer information systems should consult an advisor at the university of their choice.

What jobs are available with a degree in computer information systems?

AnswerNetwork Admin, Database Admin, Information Specialist,Computer Specialist, Computer Help Desk, Desktop Support, Systems Specialist, Systems Analyst.

What kind of job can you get with a business info system degree?

A business information systems degree holder is able to get jobs in the information technology industry. This could be in just about any business as most businesses use networking.

What kind of schooling will help in computer information security?

A degree in the following courses will help with a job in computer information security: computer science, Information Technology, artificial intelligence, systems architectures.

Which colleges in Detroit, MI offer a computer based information systems degree?

the following colleges in and near by Detroit offers computer based information systems degree Walsh College University of Detroit Mercy Wayne State University MaryGrove college etc

What would a college course called information systems management consist of?

This will likely be Management Information Systems, MIS. It will deal with accounting principles, programming languages, database design, security, system design, telecom/datacom, and business classes. It's a bit larger world than a CIS degree (Computer Information Systems).

Information on business degrees online.?

A business degree can benefit anyone in any industry. With a business degree, an accountant can become a financial analyst, a computer technician can become a systems manager, a mechanic can become the workshop supervisor, a teacher can become a school administrator, and a marketing assistant can become the director of marketing.

What courses are required for computer information systems degree?

You'll need to take courses in Introduction to Data and Information Management, Programming Fundamentals, Business Procedures and Communication Infrastructure, Database Management Systems, Business Systems Analysis and Design. Electives may include Application Development, Operating Systems - Use, Technology and Administration, Information Systems - Project Management and Practice. For a major in CIS, you should apply to a University which has the latest equipment and gives you a hands-on business curriculum. This will prepare you for the dynamics of working in an ever-changing IT industry.

What types of jobs are there in the computer and information sciences field?

With a degree in computer information sciences you can get many high paying jobs. These include data administrators and systems analysists and specialists.

What jobs can you get with an Associates Degree in Computer Information Systems?

The best place for the answer to this question is the college offering the degree. The division office or academic department that offers the degree should have information on the kinds of jobs their graduates have obtained.

A Career as a Information Systems Manager?

The information systems manager is an important part of any company. They coordinate and manage the flow of work that contributes to an organization’s information systems. This can include writing business plans, managing computer operations, and assigning resources for information technology projects. Programmers, systems analysts, and computer support staff all work under the information systems manager. In addition to acting as a manager, they must also have integral knowledge of an organization’s computer information system, programming languages, and system analysis. They must be able to communicate business requirements of the organization to the information technology staff so that they can effectively implement an information system that benefits the company. Lastly, information systems managers must ensure that company has the necessary computer systems that it needs to operate effectively. This task can include putting together a budget for acquiring and maintaining these systems. The average starting salary for information systems managers in the United States is $60,000. There is plenty of room for growth, however. Information systems managers with five to nine years in the industry can make $92,000. Of course, these figures depend on many factors. One of those is the size of the company and how many employees report to the information systems manager. It is also dependent on the location of the organization. Companies located in big cities tend have higher pay rates, but the cost of living is also significantly higher. Employers require a substantial amount of education and experience for this job. Information systems managers should have a bachelor degree from a four year college in a management or technology field. A degree in management of information systems would be extremely beneficial for this job. Some employers prefer the information systems manager to have an advanced degree such as an MBA (masters of business administration) or masters in management of information systems. On top of this, experience is crucial. Most employers require several years of information systems as well as managerial experience. The outlook for the information systems manager is good. Technology is a growing field and organizations are dependent on computer systems to function. Therefore, they will need an information systems manager to make sure their computer and information departments are operating effectively and efficiently.

What do I need to do to learn about information systems courses?

At DeVry University they offer a bachelor degree in computer information systems. The requirements for graduating are 8 full time semesters and 120 credit hours.

What are the traits or qualification as a system analyst process?

When hiring computer systems analysts, employers usually prefer applicants who have at least a bachelor's degree. For more technically complex jobs, people with graduate degrees are preferred. For jobs in a technical or scientific environment, employers often seek applicants who have at least a bachelor's degree in a technical field, such as computer science, information science, applied mathematics, engineering, or the physical sciences. For jobs in a business environment, employers often seek applicants with at least a bachelor's degree in a business-related field such as management information systems (MIS). Increasingly, employers are seeking individuals who have a master's degree in business administration (MBA) with a concentration in information systems. Employers also look for people who have broad knowledge and experience related to computer systems and technologies, strong problem-solving and analytical skills, and the ability to think logically. In addition, the ability to concentrate and pay close attention to detail is important because computer systems analysts often deal with many tasks simultaneously. For more information visit this link:

Are degree programs in information systems the same as degrees in computer science?

No, CS deals much more in the theoretical underpinnings of computing, such as logic systems, compilation, etc. etc. Information systems has a much more application focus. No information systems are a more specialized subject. Comuter science covers a broader aray of computer related topics.

If you receive a degree in Computer Info Systems what kind of work can you expect to do?

If you receive a degree in Computer Info Systems then you are expected to job in information technology industry, for developing software or can get job in industry for production of hardware. The SEO, and telecommunication jobs are also there for Computer engineers. One can also choose to teach undergraduates.

Can you get an ITT tech degree online?

"ITT tech does indeed have many online degree programs available. Some of these programs are as follows: Business administration, computer forensics, construction technology, criminal justice, information systems, paralegal, and web design. There are many more available."

What are the initials that indicate someone has a bachelor of information systems management degree?

It depends on the school you completed your degree at and the designation they assigned. It could be A Bachelor of science (BS), It could be a BBIS the Bachelor of Business Information Systems which is a professionally orientated degree awarded after 4 years of study, etc. Still, it is what the specific institution indicates it is.

What is requirments for MS in Accounting?

Bachelor's Degree in Business with the option in Accounting or a Bachelor's Degree in any field taken with a core of business classes such as basic and intermediate accounting classes, one or two finance classes, economics, a computer information systems class and business communication. The business core requirements really depends on the University that you are interested in. Also, most business graduate programs require the GMAT Examination.

How can I have a information systems degree?

Computer information systems specialists and management professionals design, build, and implement software solutions that are the driving force in every business, not-for-profit, and government agency. They're also relied upon to analyze existing systems and discover new ways to optimize their performance. So, it's no surprise that significant job growth is expected in computing fields over the next several years. When you earn your bachelor's degree in Compute

How much salary does a first year information systems with a master's degree make?

How much salary does a first year information systems with a master's degree make?