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Can you get out of a lease if you have to relocate to a different city?

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βˆ™ 2006-07-31 03:58:46

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It all depends on the contract. See your contract, some land lords will allow ou to cancel your lease if you are moving 40 miles away but they will still need 1-2 months notice. It's better to check with your landlord. Moving to a different city is not grounds for "getting out" of a lease. You are under contract to pay rent for the entire term of the lease. Perhaps you could sub-let the apartment in the interim. If sub-letting is prohibited by you lease, perhaps you could negotiate a deal to terminate the contract. Perhaps you could make the landlord a cash offer to terminate. Money talks.

2006-07-31 03:58:46
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Q: Can you get out of a lease if you have to relocate to a different city?
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