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No, if you did not have sex than no chances of getting pregnant. But if you had sex than there might be chances, or it might be delayed period.

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No because in order to get pregnant, you have to have your monthly shedding aka your period

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Q: Can you get pregnant eve if you didn't get your period?
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Can you get pregnant even if you didnt start your period?

No you can't.

I didnt see my first period when i got pregnant is this normal?


Can you have your period and then have cramping afterwards and be pregnant?

it depends. how long afterwards and did you have sex. if you didnt have sex then no

Would you be pregnant if you didnt had your period for 4 months and you have been experiencing pregnancy symptoms?


Can you get pregnant 11 days before your period if he used a condom and it didnt break?

yes u can :)

You bleed brown blood for one day before period was due and the next day you didnt bleed at all and your period isn't due until 3 days - is this implantation bleeding Are you pregnant?

No you are not pregnant. I have had that to happen to me to. An I was not pregnant.

In May you didnt have a period and you took a pregnancy test and saying you were pregnant and had sex at da end of da month on May 31 and still no period that means they got pregnant in April?


When you didnt have your period after giving birth to your baby and didnt have it till about next 3 months does that mean your pregnant?

If you're having regular, full periods, then it's very very unlikely that you're pregnant whatever happened before. If you haven't had a period in 3 months, then you may be pregnant, even if breast feeding may lower the chances of becoming pregnant for as long as you're doing it.

I had a light watery period but didnt cramp like usual on my period could I be pregnant?

i answer youre question with a question had u had unprotected sex? and if u did get a HPT

You didnt have your period since you had contact with your bf maybe your pregnant?

Did you have unprotected sex ? If you did you could be pregnant if you did not have unprotected sex then the chances of being pregnant are very slim, depending on the type of fooling around that went on.

If I had unprotected sex on New Year's Eve and two weeks later i get my period is it possible for me to be pregnant from the last time i had sex?


What happens if i gad sex and i didnt get my period the week i was suppose to but then started bleeding the next week?

Your period was just probally late, if you where pregnant you would not of started at all.