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Q: Can you get pregnant if you put your finger inside your vagina?
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Wipe semen on your finger when ovulating and put it inside your vagina can you get pregnant?

Yep Yep.

If you put your finger in your vagina can you be pregnant?

NO! The obnly way you cvan get pregnant is if sperm reaches inside you. So unless you've got a penis for a finger the answer is no!

A boy put his finger in your vagina can you get pregnant?

If that is all he does then no, you will not get pregnant.

If you take your sperm in your finger and then put it inside the vagina instead of inserting the penis will the girl get pregnant?

It can certainly happen. sure will pregnant

Can a woman get pregnant if the guy put his hand then push his finger inside on the vagina?

No. Only if semen was involved...even then its not likely.

Can a woman get pregnant if the guy put his finger inside on the vagina?

Pregnancy requires seminal fluid, which does not come from fingers. So no.

Can a guy put his finger in your vagina and get you pregnant?

No, he cant get you pregnant but if his semen gets in then yeah you can get pregnant from that

When you put the finger in your girlfriend vagina can your girlfriend get pregnant?

no you need sperm to geta girl pregnant

What is finger a girl?

When you finger a girl you use your finger and put it inside her vagina, then you go in and out like you would with a penis.

Can a girl get pregnant if his boy friend put finger in her vagina?

No. The only way you might become pregnant this way if the guy had ejaculated on his fingers, and then inserted those fingers inside you.

Sperm in the mouth put inside vagina can you get pregnant?

There is an 50% 50% of get pregnant because of the saliva have several quimics that kills sperms but still get enought alive to get you pregnant, best is to not put inside the vagina.

Can you be pregnant after the guy come on his finger and put it back inside?


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