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Q: Can you go to prison for cutting someone in a fight?
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What happened to people who refused to go and fight in Vietnam?


Can you go to prison for giving someone herpes?


Why did Lil Bing go to prison?

he shot someone

Can you go to prison for vandalizing someone's property?


Why would someone have to go to the Debtors Prison?


Why did remy ma go to prison?

I Heard he killed someone

Can you go to prison for giving someone cancer?

Cancer is not contagous so you couldn't give it to someone

How long would someone go to prison for hiring an assassin?

Same as the guy that was going to do the murder, life in prison.

What did Sonny Moore go to jail for?

He didn't, the other lead singer of from first to last went to prison over a fight in which someone accidentally was killed, so Sonny Moore replaced him.

What happens to someone who forged your name on a legal document?

They will go to prison.

How long do you go in prison for if you murder someone?

You could get life in prison, or execution., If your very lucky, you might be able to get out in years.

Your boyfriend wants to fight someone how do you stop him?

If your boyfriend wants to fight someone else he hates, just tell him this tearful phrase:If you fight with someone else will never go out with you ever again and then his life is smooth.

How do fight other mafia on Mafia Wars?

go to the fight tab and click attack on someone

Is it illegal to go through someones medications?

YES. Tampering with someone's medications, especially if they are controlled substances by the DEA you could go to prison if convicted.

What can happen if you buy a gun for someone else?

You can go to prison for a long time.

What did Muhammad ali do after he got out of jail for refusing to go to war?

Who did Muhammad Ali fight when he got out prison

Should you cock fight?

No you shouldn't cock fight, it's illegal, and dangerous, you could go to prison for a LONG time if you do this, this is a bad thing to do. its cruel to do to poor innocent animals to make them train to fight till death, and you will go to jail!

How would someone go about attacking a castle?

they would fight

How much time is servred on a 10yr prison sentence in state prison in Arkansas?

Go to Prsion Talk Onlin and go to the Arkansas Forum. Someone there should be able to answer that question

Should someone marry someone who is in prison?

Sure. If you happen to really love someone in prison and can deal with the fact that have to serve time away from you.... then go for it. and just because you are in prison does not mean you are a bad person. people get wrongly convicted all the time. also people make mistakes too.

How did prison become famous?

Prisoners become famous for what they go to prison for, what they do in prison, and/or what they do when they get out. Also prisoners become famous because they may be or be aquainted with someone famous, rich, powerful or infamous

How long do you go to prison for murdering someone?

Worst case scenario - for the rest of your life.

How do you fight for someone you love?

Go to counseling or talk it over with that person.

What happens if you get into a fight with someone and they go to the police and press charges against you?

you might go to court

If someone violates felony probation and gets charged with another felony will they go to prison?

Yes, the odds are very high that they will go to prison, if not for the VOP on the first offense, then probably for committing the 2nd offense.