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It probably depends what state you live in. Google search for the Homeschool Legal Defense Fund. You might be able to e-mail or call them and get the info. you need.

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Q: Can you have children in childcare at the same time you are homeschooling them if you have to work part-time?
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Can homeschooling help children with special needs?

Yes absolutely ! Homeschooling helps the special needs children the same as it helps other students.

does homeschooling go by the same laws in reguards to child support?

The child support laws are the same for parents who are homeschooling.

What are the disadvantages of homeschooling your children as opposed to taking them to public K-12 schools?

There are a lot of good things about homeschooling, but there are disadvantages, like less socialization with peers. Choosing your own curriculum is good, but some topics might get missed and things like projects and field trips might not be the same.

What occupation cares for infants?

There are various occupations that involve the care of infants. There are also different names for the same kinds of infant caregivers. Some are: * Pediatric or Neonatal Professional Nurses (RN, LPN, LVN) * Nannies * Au Pairs * Childcare providers at Childcare centers * Babysitters * Governesses (although they usually only teach older children) * Nursemaids * Childminder * Wetnurse

How do I learn about free homeschooling?

I would start by getting homeschooling information from your local school, as the schools most likely provide this information to school counselors. You could also ask other local families for advice if they have done the same thing.

Is homeschool boring?

It would depend on the type of homeschooling environment. Some may think homeschooling is boring because it is conducted at home and they believe no interaction with the outside world is made. However, contrary to the belief, homeschooling can have just as many mind stimulating activities as public schooling if not more if done properly. There are also still such things as recesses and lunch and children are able to interact with other home-schoolers depending on how their teaching is done. Some homeschooling may be boring, the same as public schooling if the child at hand finds no interest in whatever the environment around them has to offer. It's also if the teacher makes little to no effort to get the child involved in their work.

What homeschooling courses are offered online?

All classes that are taught in the public schools are the same ones taught in online school. You will learn from certified teachers.

Is homeschooling fun?

No! I hate homeschooling! One barely gets to socialize with anyone.Another answer:It would depend on the child. One child might not think it is as fun because of less social interaction with other children. Another child might think it is indeed fun because of that same reason. It all comes down to your personal preference.Another answer:I agree its terrible you sit at home by yourself and you have no one to talk to at all! and I dont know how you could enjoy that

How can you homeschool multi aged children effeciently?

Efficiency is subjective. Homeschooling a 3, 5, and 6 year old would be very different than homeschooling a 6, 9 and 12 year old or teenagers for that matter. If you are talking about elementary aged kids, many parents get one kid started on one lesson while the other is doing some self-directed work. Then you switch. Sometimes you can have both kids engaged in the same lessons, like Science or Social Studies, if the ages aren't too different. Check out the blog in the related link: Homeschool Revolution where a woman blogs about homeschooling her 2 kids using Evolution Homeschool's curriculum. She's honest about the trials and tribulations of homeschooling two kids with a new curriculum in the middle of the year.

Is hemoglobin content for humans same in children and adults?

no its not same in children and adults

Is homeschooling allowed in France?

yes, but you have to prove that the child will be given about the same curriculum he would have received in a school. Education inspectors have a right to assess what is the education worth.

Which is correct They have a meany children as we Or They have a meany children as us?

"They have as many children as we do." Or. "They have the same number of children as we do."

How do you you separate children into rooms?

I would do it by age and gender. The youngest can be in the same room, but older children need to be with older children of the same gender.

Do all children of the same parent have the same blood group?

do all children of the same mum dad have same blood group

How does a practitioner impact gender roles in children?

I think you mean "have an impact on" gender roles. A childcare worker can impose sexist views on children, such as implying that boys are better than girls at certain things (or vice versa), or that men and women should be treated differently. A great deal of this sexism is caused by the imbalance of men and women in nurseries and primary schools, so the problem can only be addressed by ensuring that equal numbers of men and women are employed to work with children (including as healthcare workers), and that fathers and mothers share childcare and other domestic duties equally as well as working outside the home for the same number of hours per week. It is no good if nursery workers do all they can to instill ideas of equality in the nursery then children go home to a sexist environment.

Can you homeschool your children online?

Yes, Time4Learningโ€™s award-winning, comprehensive curriculum allows parents to be in control of their childโ€™s individual learning path. The automated grading and record-keeping help parents encourage independent learning, while at the same time, be aware of their childโ€™s progress. With built in lesson plans, parents can have their child follow the suggested sequence for the year, or focus on a particular area of study. Getting started can be confusing and overwhelming, which is why having the right tools and resources can make all the difference. This is a frequently asked question among families just starting out. There are many ways to homeschool and homeschool laws vary by state, so itโ€™s important to get all the facts. Parents turn to homeschooling for different reasons, but all parents want the same thing: whatโ€™s best for their children. Homeschooling allows parents to take control of their childโ€™s education and truly assess their childโ€™s individual needs. One of the biggest benefits of homeschooling is the flexibility it offers. Through personalized, one-on-one instruction and student-paced learning, children are able to build academic confidence. Research by National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI) suggests that the focused approach afforded with homeschooling is resulting in higher reading, math, and history test scores compared to traditionally schooled students.

How were children treated in camps?

children where treat the same as adults

What do children wear to school in Brazil?

Same as American children.

What do children in France do at school?

The same as children elsewhere at school

How can children get herpes?

Children get herpes the same way adults do.

Does children have the same blood type as their father?

You can only be sure of that if the mother has the same blood type as the father of the children.

Is there any laws about having 4 children sleep in the same room?

No. Many families who have a lot of children often have several children share the same room.

What will children that are homeschooled miss out on?

There isn't much they would miss out things that are done in the ordinary school. For example, they don't have classmates everyday but do normally go to classes with others their age in homeschooling co-ops. However, regular lessons are more like a "One room Schoolhouse" with children of all ages learning at the same time. Most homeschooled students experience activities like field trips, or any activity which needs a class by joining Homeschool Groups. They go with other homeschooling families to Science Centers and Museums. The difference being that they do not get on a bus, rather parents drive them. What they do miss out on is getting up at dawn and having to get to school on time.

2 This religion believes that the way to stop suffering is to stop desire?

this is home work or homeschooling and i know it because i was looking something up and i saw this question and it was the same question i had on a quiz!

What is standard form in 4th grade math?

The answer will depend on which country you refer to. Children in some countries are way ahead of children of the same age in other countries.The answer will depend on which country you refer to. Children in some countries are way ahead of children of the same age in other countries.The answer will depend on which country you refer to. Children in some countries are way ahead of children of the same age in other countries.The answer will depend on which country you refer to. Children in some countries are way ahead of children of the same age in other countries.