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You have to talk to you're phone carrier and see if they will allow you to keep that number. Some places do let you. :)

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Q: Can you have the same phone number if you change the phone carrier?
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Can I change phone carriers and keep my same number?

If you have a cell phone and you want to change carriers, you are allowed to keep your same number. Your new carrier will switch it over for you.

How do you switch your cell phone number from your current cell phone to a different cell phone?

If you are staying with the same carrier, just upgrade your phone with them. If you are changing providers, the new carrier needs to fill out some forms with the old carrier. The magic phrase to use with the new carrier is "number portability"; in the USA, all phone carriers are required to transfer your number from one device or service to another. If you are dropping your wired service, you can even transfer your home phone number to your mobile. Or, if you want to go VOIP, the provider there can transfer the number for you.

Can change cell phone company and keep same number in Canada?

If you change a cell phone company you may be able to keep your same number, my mom did that she had the same number for as long as I remember, also if you live in Canada.

Can you reuse a SIM card on a different plan from the same carrier?

Yes, you can. It's simply a matter of someone at the phone company changing the details on their computer system. You'll still have the same number, but your plan will change.

How can you find out which cell phone provider your cell phone was issued to?

With most major carriers it will have the carrier name or logo somewhere on the phone. If it is unlocked it can go on any carrier with the same technology. All carriers are identified by their ICCID number

If you lost your sim card for your phone do you have to get a new phone number?

Contact your carrier to determine this. Most carriers will allow you to purchase a replacement sim with the same telephone number.

Is a Motorola phone by sprint is it capatible with ATT?

No, you need the same carrier phone or an unlocked phone.

Can you switch to a different phone but keep the same carrier?

Yes all major carriers allow you to change or upgrade your phone. However some may have fees to active that new device

How do you get phone calls history of your mobile number when i get the new sim card on that same number?

The only way to get the phone call history of your mobile number when you get a new sim is by backing up the history on the internal memory of the phone. Even if the sim card has the same phone number, generally, the phone call history trail will be wiped out. Alternatively, phone call histories are recorded internally and can always be retrieved from the phone carrier website.

Can you switch phone numbers while staying with same carrier?

Absolutely, just call them and ask for a new native telephone number.

Can you activate a US cellular phone?

I'm not sure of the context of your question, so I will assume you are asking if you can activate a cellular phone in the US, as opposed to activating a US Cellular phone (which is a wireless network in the US). Here are the different scenarios on activating a cellular phone in the US:Activating a carrier-based phone with the same carrier--you can activate a carrier-based phone with the same carrier, even if the phone has been inactive for a long period of time. It is functional provided it can connect to the current bands in that network.Activating a carrier-based phone with another carrier--if the phone is locked (tied to a particular carrier), it will not function if you attempt to activate it with another carrier. If you are able to get the phone unlocked (either thru the carrier, manufacturer, or on your own), it might work with another carrier provided the phone can run on that other carrier's network bands.Activating an unlocked phone with any carrier (traditional and pre-paid)--most unlocked phones, and this is assuming they are designed to be used in multiple bands in the US and/or elsewhere, can be activated on most carriers.Activating a carrier-based phone with a pre-paid carrier--it is possible to activate a carrier-based phone with a pre-paid wireless carrier, assuming that carrier has bands that match what the carrier-based phone had previously. An example is the pre-paid carrier Straight Talk, which utilizes bands from the four major wireless carriers (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint).

Can a prepaid phone card be used from a cell phone?

It depends if the cell phone is a prepaid phone with the same carrier as the card provider. If the answer is no, then my answer is no.

How do you get a new phone number?

to get a new phone number, you can call your service provider and tell them i want change the phone number and further discuss or when you buy a phone (cell phone) you don't have to keep the same phone number from the last phone you had, to some people that happens but, their, is also an opportunity to change numbers. I don't really know a lot about this stuff, but i hope this info can help!

Do you get a new SIM card when you get a new phone?

That depends on you ! If you're simply getting a new phone with the same carrier, and you want to keep your old number - simply put the SIM card from your old phone into the new one. If you want a new number - use the SIM that comes with the new phone.

Saving Money On A Cell Phone Bill?

Lowering cell phone bills is easy with proper research. Cell phone carriers offer discounts for family plans and offer unlimited service when calls are placed to other people who use the same carrier. By reading a contract carefully and knowing what the obligations are, a subscriber can save money. If most of your friends and family use the same carrier, substantial savings can be made if everyone uses the same cell phone carrier. Likewise, if you find a carrier that offers a substantial discount, you can encourage your acquaintances to sign up for the same carrier for a bonus credit.

How do you get two phone numbers on the same phone?

You can't really get two phone numbers on the same phone. But, you can get an extension phone number plus your regular phone number. Ask your phone service about an extension number for your phone.

Can you use an old ATT phone on Verizon?

No the carrier frequency signals are not the same.

If we change our business phone service provider, will our phone number stay the same?

A number of phone service providers will allow you to switch and retain your current phone number. Whether or not Verizon will I cannot say for certain, and it may depend on which service plan you choose.

How do you get minutes from old phone to new phone?

Assuming you're sticking with the same carrier and number - simply insert your SIM card into the new phone. All the details for your account are held on the network's central database - it has nothing to do with the actual handset.

Uscellular sim card in another phone?

You can not use a sim card in another cell phone carriers phone. They can only be used for the same carrier.

When buying a used phone from the internet with the same carrier do you take it to your carrier's store and get it activated?

For some company's yes that is what you would have to do. If the company is one that has a sim card just simply take the same card out of the old phone and put it in the new one.

Can you have a phone and tablet with same phone number?


Can you change mobile phone networks and keep the same number?

yes you can but depending on networks

What is the price of virtual phone system and what is it exactly?

Virtual phone systems offer convenience to companies that carry many remote employees. They allow you to carry one number with many extension. These extensions do not have to be in the same building or the same state. Most companies that offer virtual phone system have plans that range up to 10 lines on the same number. Prices vary by carrier and location and are charged on a per person basis.

Regular phone but you want a prepaid can you use my same number?

I have a regular phone. I am off contract now. Found a prepaid phone. Can I keep my same number?