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This is going to sound gross but, gently massaging the kittens bum with a warm q tip would help.

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Q: Can you help an orphaned kitten poop?
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What can you do to help a newborn kitten from bleeding poop?

my new born kitten's butt is bleeding what does it mean? is it normal?

How soon after a kitten eats will it poop?

After eating, a kitten will poop after about half an hour.

What does a kitten eat at one day old?

Cat milk! If it's an orphaned kitten, check up at your local stores (such as Walmart) for kitten milk to feed via kitten bottle.

What does the mom cat do when her kittens poop?

She gets out her Kitten Poop Mitten & Scoop?

What to do for a kitten that can't poop?

Take it to the vet

How do you get your kitten start covering his poop again?

The kitten is likely not covering his poop because it's his way of showing that he is the alpha male in the household. There is no way to get him to cover his poop. He is asserting his dominance.

How do you make a kitten poop?

rub its anus with a moist cloth

How often and how much should a orphaned 2 week old kitten be bottle fed?

Everyday, twice a day.

Can just born puppy formula be used for baby orphaned rats or mice?

newborn kitten formula is safer.

What does kitten poop look like?

round, long,mushy and brown

How do you feed an orphaned 1 week old kitten?

You will need to bottle feed an orphaned kitten. Cimicat substitute milk or baby milk formula can be used successfully. You will need to feed the kitten every two hours. You will also need to stimulate the kitten after feeding, to enable it to pass waste matter. You do this by gently rubbing a cotton wool ball around it's belly area until the kittens produces waste matter.

How do you open a orphaned kitten's eyes?

It is not a very good idea to open a kitten's eyes. It could damage a kitten's growth. Keep in mind that a kitten's eyes are fully open in four weeks. So, I suggest seeing a vet if the eyes are not developing and not opening after a long period of time.

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