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Yes, you can connect a PC wirelessly to a DSL connection. You will need a wireless access point/router and connect that to the DSL modem via USB or ethernet. Configure your PC to attach to the wireless access point/router using the wireless (802-11a,b,g) or eithernet.

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Q: Can you hook up your computer to wirless dsl connection without a Ethernet card with usb?
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How do you set up Xbox to the Internet without wirless Internet?

With an ethernet cord.

How do you connect between linksys without ethernet cable?

u could use a wirless reapeter, or an acess point

How do you connect a computer to the internet?

you can either connect physically wth cables and a modem or you can get a wirless access point and a wireless interface card and do it without any physical connection

What do I need to hookup an old Gateway computer without an ethernet port to DSL?

Either a router connection and a modem, or a USB Stick Modem.

How can you connect a computer with a computer at a distance of 20 to30 meter without lan connection?

If there is a wireless connection yes, but with nothing but them 2 no. Edit:My bad yes you can, one way connect an ethernet cord to each other!

Can you get online to a ps3 without an Ethernet cable or router?

PS3 can only get an online connection with DSL or Cable WiFi or ethernet

You can't use your laptop without the desktop connect It doesn't have a modem to plug into the phone line What do you need to buy?

You will need to use an Ethernet connection in this case. Ethernet is a lot faster than a phone line. You will need a coax jack and a modem in order to have an Ethernet connection. For more convenience, you can just get an Ethernet wall jack installed if you don't have one yet, and you can just get an Ethernet cable to connect from the Ethernet wall jack to your computer, giving you a high speed internet privledge.

What ps2 games go online without Ethernet?

No, all PS2 games need a wired ethernet connection. PS2 does not have a wireless setting.

Can you play Xbox live without the ethernet cable or a wireless connection?

network adapter

What is the role of the Ethernet port on a PC?

The role of the ethernet port on a PC is to allow internet to be connected. Without an ethernet port, there is no place for the computer to be connected to the internet.

Can you play xbox live without an adapter or Ethernet cable?

Xbox Live requires an internet connection, either by wireless adapter or ethernet cable.

How do you get internet on a mac computer without the Ethernet?

Use the Wi-Fi

i have an older computer without an ethernet card. i can not get verizon srevice w/o it. what dsl can i get?

You will need to have an ethernet card in order to use dsl or cable internet with your computer.

Why should I buy a USB Ethernet adaptor?

A USB Ethernet adapter is in no means, a necessity for you to buy. However, it comes with benefits if you don't have a home based connection set up. They allow computers without Ethernets to hook up, a USB Ethernet and still have a home based connection.

Can you play PS3 network without WiFi connection?

yes you can connect to the internet with ethernet cable. To enter the network you must be online and to be online you must have a Broadband internet service and some form of connection device/s that will allow either WiFi or ethernet connection to the PS3

Can you have Xbox live without the adapter?

You will need to have an internet connection to have Xbox live. You can plug your xbox in with an ethernet.

How do you connect an ethernet cord to a PC without a jack on the computer?

You will have to buy a card, or get an adapter.

How do you set set up high speed internet without an Ethernet connection on computer?

That depends on the TYPE of internet connection available to you. Two common types of internet connection are: ethernet over a cat 5 cable, wireless ethernet If you want to connect over a cat 5 cable your computer will need a network interface card (NIC). Most (but not all) modern computers are manufactured with a built in NIC. Often it's part of the motherboard. If your computer doesn't have a NIC card you can purchase that piece of hardware and plug it in to an available expansion slot. If you want to connect over a wireless ethernet your computer will need a WIRELESS network interface connection. Most laptops have a built in WiFi adapter, but again, you can purchase THAT piece of hardware and often it can be plugged in to either a USB port or the PCMCIA slot, depending on how your laptop is equipped. There are options for connecting to the internet using your USB port.

How do you download games on a psp without a computer?

You need an internet connection which is not the same as a computer although many also have an online connection

How do you reinstall the wireless driver on acer aspire one d260-2344 without Ethernet?

If you got the Driver's CD that came with your computer you can install with that.If you didn't get any CD then you cannot reinstall it without Ethernet.

How do you connect Xbox 360 to computer without ethernet cable?

use either your computer or xbox to create an Ad-hoc network. join one to the other and they should connect, given you have an active internet connection between them. not 100% sure im right but i shall test and update.

What do you plug your Ethernet in to get internet connection?

The Ethernet port is usually the largest socket on the computer (about twice the height of the others). You run your Ethernet cable from the computers Ethernet socket to a similar socket on a device called a Router. The Router is connected to your telephone line or cable TV or however you have chosen to connect to the Internet. You will need to have set up an account and pay for the Internet connection with an Internet Service Provider (ISP) who is often your telephone or cable TV supplier. The ISP will often include the Router as part of the connection package. Computers (particularly laptops) will usually have built-in wireless connectivity, for example all recent Macs come with AirPort, which will connect to a wireless router without the need for a an Ethernet cable. This means that a laptop can be used anywhere within the range of the router. the ethernet cable connects you to lan

How do you connect a Nintendo DS with a PC without Wi-Fi connection?

You can't link a DS and a personal computer without Wi-Fi Connection.

Is there a way to get on the wii shop channel without a router?

You can buy a Wi-Fi USB connector from Nintendo; you place it in a USB port on your computer and it broadcasts your internet connection to your Wii. You can also buy an ethernet modem and get the Nintendo Wifi ethernet adapter and hook up your Wii to the internet. You have to have a cable or telephone jack around though to do this.

Can you install WikiAnswers on your computer if you don't have an Internet connection?

WikiAnswers is a website, not a piece of software that runs on your computer. There is no way to access WikiAnswers without an internet connection.