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Can you install ANY OS on your ps2 p21 or psp?

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PSPs which are able to run homebrew could use a port of "BOCHS" to run basic operating systems on them. However a PSP is far too slow to run any operating systems at useable speeds. PS2s can run linux, if you buy one of the old kits and a USB keyboard, but again it would be slow. PS3s could do this much faster, a Google for "linux on PS3" would help you.

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Can you play PSP games on ps2?

No PSP games play in a PSP not in a PS2

Can you play PSP games on a ps2?

No a PS2 can not play PSP games

Can you play PS2 games on your PSP?

No the PSP can not play PS2 games

Can i play the PSP on the ps2?

No the PSP was designed to work with the PS3 not the PS2

How do you conect a psp to PS2?

The PSP is designed to be connected to the PS3 not the PS2

Can you change a ps2 for a PSP?

No a PS2 is worth much less than a PSP

Can you get a ps2 emulator for PSP?

It would be a PSP emulator if it played PSP games. The PSP could not run a emulator to play PS2 games

Do ps2 games and psp games work in the ps3?

PSP games do not work on any PS3 and PS2 only on the first few models with 4 USB ports

Is there a ps2 emulator for psp and where you can download it?

There is no PS2 emulator for PSP. It's just not possible to do that.

How do you connect your PSP to your PS2?

Yes you can i played mlb 10 the show from my psp to my ps2

Can a psp game be played in a ps2 console?

No, a psp game cannot be played with a ps2.

How do you play my psp for a controller for ps2?

The PSP and the PS2 do not work together they they were designed for with the PS3

How do you get ps2 games on a psp go?

You don't PSP Go does not play a PS2 game

Is sonic the hegdehog 2006 for psp or ps2 or Wii?

it is for psp,ps2,wii,360

Can you connect a PSP with ps2?

psp anyday

How do you make PSP games play on a ps2 without a PSP?

You can't play psp game on the ps2 at all... =P

Can you connect a psp with a ps2 and play games on it?

Your thinking about the PS3 not the PS2. The PS2 can not connect with the PSP as they don't work together

How do you plug in your PSP to your PS2?

It is for the PS3 not the PS2

What has better graphics ps2 or psp?


Which is better a PSP or a ps2?

ps2 is nice but psp has more features,and a psp is a portable ps3 (but not same grafics) and and we all know ps3 is better than ps2 so I think psp is better.

Can you use the psp game to ps2?

no- the size of the CDs are different PS2 do not play PSP games disc size is not the only reason why it will not work, it is PSP software to be run by a PSP and was not developed to be run by PS2 hardware

How do you use your psp to control your ps2?

I think it is the PS3 that the PSP works well with together and not the PS2

Can you play PSP games in a PS2?

No a PSP game can be played in a PSP

Are there any bleach games for psp in English?

No, as of 2014 there are not any Bleach games for the PSP console in English. These games can be played on the Nintendo DS and PS2.

How do you convert ps2 to psp?

You do not convert a PS2 into a PSP. I don't even understand the question. Do you mean the PS2 games they are PS2 games and will not play on a PSP. A PSP is a Portable Playstation and if could use take a console like the PS2 and turn it into a Portable it still would not be a PSP. Back to the games a PSP is not able to play PS2 or PS3 games because all the hardware needed is not included in a PSP. Even the new PS Vita will only play newly designed more complex games that are still not up to the level of PS2 and PS3 game.