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Yes, but new bead receptor will need to be installed. It is better to remove and install the new liner over a good pool bottom or a resurfaced pool bottom.

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Q: Can you install a pool liner over an old one?
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Should a new liner be installed over an old one in an above ground pool?

no, replace liner

What is a cheap way to repair a 12 in x 12 in section of an inground pool liner?

Remove the old damaged liner and install a new one.

Can you cover an old liner with a new liner?

Yes, it can be accomplished. But you would need to install new bead receptor over the existing bead receptor and the old liner should not have any wrinkes. But if the pool bottom surface is in good shape, there is no value to leaving the old liner in. If the bottom surface is bad, then resurfacing the bottom is the best option.

What is the difference between a beaded liner and an overlap liner for above ground swimming pools?

A beaded liner will have a thick bead or lip of vinyl around the top of the liner. This bead will fit into a track which is made to receive the bead at the top edge of your pool. To replace it you simply pull out the old one an insert the new. There is a little more to it, but as far as the bead is concerned that is all you have to do with it. Overlap liners are harder to install because there is no bead so you don't know where the correct height is. You overlap the liner over the top edge of the swimming pool and clamp it in place with a piece of plastic. A beaded liner is harder to measure but easier to install and a over lapping liner is just the opposite because you are constantly adjusting the plastic clamps.

Can you replace old cracked coping on a vinyl liner pool?

Yes you can! We have a pool and my dad fixed ours.

Can you put a vinyl liner in a concrete pool?

Yes you can but you would be replacing the liner every 3-4 years when you can build a gunite pool using the old pool as a base and get another 30-40 years of enjoyment out of it.

What could cause bulges on the wall of a vinyl swimming pool that is only a few years old?

They probably did not install a pump underground(to pump ecsess Water) so when it rains alot or the ground is saturated your pool liner streches. Most vinal pool companies dont.

Can you reuse above ground pool liner when moving a pool?

Not bloody likely.... The liner will shrink when the pool is emptied. (depending on how old) Even if it is a brand new liner, it will be almost impossible to line the holes back up for the skimmer and return. They would then become a leak problem on the new pool location. Good luck.

Swimming pool liners?

form_title= Swimming Pool Liners form_header= Take a dip in your pool with a new liner. What is the square footage of your swimming pool?*= _ [50] Is your pool in ground or above ground?*= () In Ground () Above Ground Do you need to remove an old liner?*= () Yes () No

When you replace the liner of an above ground overlap pool can you drain the pool leave the original liner and put the replacement on top or do you need to remove the original before refilling?

You need to remove the old liner. Leaving the old one will cause the new one to retain moisture between the layers and rot the new vinyl and rot the walls of the pool.

Can my inground pool liner be saved by using a piece of old liner with a bead and glue to old liner?

It's certainly worth a try. I would use Aqua Seal or Seal All. -Both available in Walmart.

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