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That would depend on the credit worthness of the person wanting to lease. It is a separate transaction just as if you wanted to buy a second car.

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Q: Can you lease a car with already having a current car loan?
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Is it easier to get a lease or loan?


Is it a better deal to lease or buy a car?

Usually buying a car outright is a better deal if you can pay upfront without a loan. If you do need a loan, then depending on the deal you get for the loan vs. the lease it can be a better deal to lease, but not usually.

How does down payment and security deposit size impact the lease or loan option?

The greater the down payment, the more favorable the terms of the loan/lease.

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Your husband is not on your car lease loan will he be held responsible if you do a repo?


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Is it good to have a loan when you have bad credit?

It will be hard to get a loan when you have bad credit. However, if you already have a loan and have bad credit on other things such as credit cards, then keeping your payments current on your loan can help improve your bad credit over time.

What should a company do if they are struggling to repay their business loan on its current rate?

The first thing a business owner should do is to meet with their lender or banker. Often if they are a good customer, they will rewrite the conditions of your loan or lease to help the business owner.

Is co-signing on a lease the same as co-signing for a car loan?

It is essentially the same but of course with a lease, your responsible for an amount agreed to be paid rather than paying back a loan.

Do you have to live in a house to get a home equity loan?

It depends on the bank. However, if you rent it out, you will need a current lease and perhaps proof that rent is being paid, like cancelled checks.

What allowed the us to supply great Britain?

The Loan and Lease Act

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