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yes you can lose 5 or more pounds from drink green tea or just water i have done it and the weight stayed off.

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What is five pounds in grams?

Five pounds is 2267.96g

How many ounces of green beans for seventy five?

Approximately 18 pounds - or 288 ounces if you prefer it that way.

How much weight does Stanley estimate that he has lost so far while at camp green lake?

five pounds

How many pounds are in five ounces?

There are 0.3125 pounds in five ounces.

What is five kilograms equal to pounds?

Five kilograms = 11.02 pounds.

How do you write five thousand pounds?

five-thousand pounds

How may ounces are in five pounds?

Five pounds = 80 ounces.

How many pounds are in 5 pounds?

Five pounds.

When was Five Hundred Pounds created?

Five Hundred Pounds was created in 1993.

How do you lose 25 pounds in five weeks?

To lose 25 pounds in five weeks, one should lose five pounds a week. This is equivalent to losing 0.71 pounds a day.

How do you lose five pounds the fastest?

By eating nothing but rice,fruits and veggies. Exercise,like jump rope and curl-ups.

What is five stone thirty five in pounds?

5 stone 35 is 105 pounds.

Five pounds equal how many ounces?

Five pounds is 80 ounces (dry).

Five pounds equal how many kilograms?

Five pounds = 2.3 (2.26796) kg

How quickly will 5 pounds sink in sand?

Describe what the material that weighs five pounds is composed of. Five pounds of water might sink very quickly in sand. Five pounds of styrofoam might not.

How many 50 p are there in five pounds?

Five Pounds is 500 Pence. 500 divided by 50 = 10 There are ten 50 Pence coins in Five Pounds.

How many 10p coins in five pounds?

There are 500 Pence in Five Pounds, therefore there are 50 x 10 pence coins in Five Pounds.

How much was a Five Pound note worth in 1800?

If it had Five Pounds written on it, it was worth Five Pounds no matter what year.

What is green computing and five ways of preventing it?

five ways for green computing

Which is heavier 5 pounds of gold or 5 pounds of cotton?

Five pounds of anything equals five pound of anything else.

How many pounds are in five hundred and five thousand grams?

505,000 grams = about 1,110 pounds.

How do you lose 23 pounds in five days?

You cannot lose 23 pounds in five days.

If five hundred pounds is a monkey what is two thousand five hundred pounds?

5 monkeys

How much is a monkey in slang?

A monkey is five hundred pounds, a ton is one hundred pounds, a pony is twenty five pounds, a score is twenty pounds and a cockle is ten pounds.

How many pounds of water does it take to produce five pounds of steam?

In a sealed chamber with no loss of mass, five pounds of water plus sufficient heat will produce five pounds of steam. The mass of the water remains the same, regardless of its state. Freeze it, and you'd have five pounds of ice instead.