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Yes, you can marry an inmate in Cuyahoga County, Ohio. However, the inmate will need to get his marriage OK'd by the warden running his jail.

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Q: Can you marry an inmate in cuyahoga county?
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Can you marry an inmate in perry county Indiana jail?

In some cases, an inmate can marry in Perry county, India jail. The inmate will have to request the marriage with the jail and be approved for marriage by his superiors.

Can you marry a prisoner in Ga?

can i marry a inmate in county jail in Ga?

Can you marry an inmate in county jail Colorado?

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Can you marry an inmate in Charleston County Detention Center?

How do you marry an inmate? In Charleston County South Carolina, in fact in all of South Carolina, Both parties wanting to get married are required to apply for the marriage licence in person. That means unless you have already applied for the marriage licence together it is impossible to marry an inmate.

Can you marry an inmate in county jail in Colorado?

yes ive got married to my husband

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Can you marry an inmate in Camden County Correctional facility in NJ?

Why the hell would u want to?

How much does it cost to get married to an inmate monroe county jail?

There are several counties with the name Monroe in the United States. In the Monroe county, TN jail, the cost for an inmate to marry will be the cost of the license and preacher.

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How can you uptain a marriage license online to marry an inmate that is in South Carolina?

If he is a state inmate, I've been told that SCDC no longer assists in any way with marriages. Not only that, but in every county in SC, both parties (bride and groom) must be present at probate court for application process. There have been rumors of inmates getting married through Horry County but I contacted someone in that office, who told me that all those marriages are fraudulent and invalid because the couples never had a ceremony. As far as I can tell, you can't marry an SCDC inmate anymore. If the inmate is a county inmate, it may be different. Contact the probate court of the county where the inmate is in jail and they'll be able to help.

Can a minor marry an inmate?


What information do you need to marry an inmate in wake county county jail in North Carolina?

in order to marry an inmate, the inmate must send a formal request to get a marriage packet. Once the packet is completed by both, you send it back in with the nesessary fees, ranging from 150-175. You also need to have the money for the certificate as well, and any fees for the offical that marries you. Depending on the institution, they can give you a list of approved officials.

Can a inmate be moved from one county jail to another county jail and not be listed?

How can a Redford Michigan inmate be moved to a county jail that is in the same county as they sentenced him in.

Russell county inmate locater?

The Russell County, Alabama Sheriff's Department provides an online inmate database.

Where can you lookup county jail inmate information?

My friend is an inmate in county jail. Where can I get information to lookup his mailing address?