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== == If you want to find the culprits, include some unremovable dye--you will catch them "red handed."

Barbed wire! Seriously, try sensor lights. Most people that climb over private walls at night are taken aback by lights going on. If it's during the day there isn't much you can do about, but catch the person and ask them nicely that you would prefer they didn't climb your wall. It is against the law, but by the time the police got there your intruder would be long gone. Short of that, get a dog. At my Golf course I have a pump house next to a lake for the irrigation system, it has a partially open roof so that the 2000 lb pumps can be removed by crane to be repaired. The hoodlums ( kids ) in the area loved to paint graffiti all over the pump house almost every night, and every morning before light I would repaint the entire building ( the war lasted 3 months ) till they finally gave up YAY for me! But in the middle of it all they discovered that by climbing on top of the power distribution box they could get on top of the building and have a whole new way to annoy me, well not wanting top have my 2 million dollar computer controlled pumping and filtration station destroyed I thought up a simple plan. I used a grease gun to apply a generous amount of Black Moly grease to the top edge of the power box ( They had to jump a little to grab hold of the top edge and climb up ). The very next morning I went out there to see if my plan worked and what I saw was hand slipping marks in grease leading down from the top edge of the power box ( as if slipping ) two muddy foot prints on the side of the box and a perfect outline of a body in the mud just below. I could not stop laughing, I could actually see where he slipped off and landed on his back in the mud, I got some very nasty graffiti after that but I kept up with my painting regimen and eventually won. The moral is it worked, but in doing so I faced retribution in the form of reinvigorated attacks and an outside chance of a law suit if they had hurt themselves badly. I love the above story! Hurray! Where I live in British Columbia graffiti was a big problem and a group of adults and other kids of the age of these so-called artists painting away with spray canned paints were confronted. Instead of a war going on we found some of the actual graffiti tyrants good artists so we made a deal with them and now we have some old buildings with beautifully painted walls. One in particular that was done by a 20 year old really impressed me. It was a whole wall done in 1930s with automobiles, people dressed in that era. Who would have guessed! Of course there were still some paint can tyrants, but they never touched those walls painted by the younger people and eventually the graffiti stopped.

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Q: Can you paint tar or grease on the top of a block wall to keep kids from climbing over it?
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