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yes you can put a blow off valve on any turbo application, A blow off valve helps relieve boost pressure spike/surge when the throttle is quickly closed, helps prevent damage/excessive load on the turbo and throttle body.

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Q: Can you put a blow out valve on an automatic turbo?
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Can you put a blow off valve in a 4 speed automatic?

yes it still works the same on a automatic car that is turbo, as it does on a manual, it works off the waste gate not the tranny

Can you put a blow out valve on a 97 Toyota starlet without a turbo?


Why cant you put a blow off valve on a non turbo car?

You could mount it, but there is no pressure to blow off.

Can you put a blow off valve on a BMW 328xi?

Since it is not a turbo charged engine no

Can you fit a BOV on a non-turbo 2200cc v-tec?

Where would you put a blow off valve on a non turbo, and what would it blow off? So the answer is no.

How do you put a blow off valve in a turbo diesel engine?

Only gas engines use blow off valves.

Can you put a blow off valve on a 90 Honda civic without turbo?

No, without a turbo, there is no blow off valve. However, if you really wanted to, they have fake blow off valves for sale. These mimic the sound of a blow off valve. It would be an absolute waste of money, but hey, it's your money.

Can you put a aftermarket blow off valve on a stock turbo kit 95' eclipse gst?


Can you put a turbo on an automatic Honda accord?

yes yes you can turbo anything

Can you put a blowout valve on a automatic without turbo?

you need to have a turbo in order for you to get the blow off hiss when your changing gears. if you waste your money on the valve that's ypur fault. ive been racing for 3 years and i kno that its worth it to spend the 2-3000.00 for a turbo system. if you want to go just for the gear chamge hiss i really cant help you for a part that is made just for hissing except for the turbo system. best of luck

Where to put the blow off valve?

next to the blow off switch

Can you put a blow out value on a none turbo car?

It is not necessary.

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