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Can you put a blow out valve on an automatic turbo?


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2012-10-04 18:22:14
2012-10-04 18:22:14

yes you can put a blow off valve on any turbo application, A blow off valve helps relieve boost pressure spike/surge when the throttle is quickly closed, helps prevent damage/excessive load on the turbo and throttle body.


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yes it still works the same on a automatic car that is turbo, as it does on a manual, it works off the waste gate not the tranny

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You could mount it, but there is no pressure to blow off.

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Since it is not a turbo charged engine no

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No, without a turbo, there is no blow off valve. However, if you really wanted to, they have fake blow off valves for sale. These mimic the sound of a blow off valve. It would be an absolute waste of money, but hey, it's your money.

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Only gas engines use blow off valves.

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