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make sure to check the correct color code on both models of the 5 wires coming out of the engine so you dont fry your reg

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โˆ™ 2008-07-07 19:49:35
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Q: Can you put a suzuki GN125 engine onto a gn250 Frame without any major problem?
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Can a Suzuki ts 100 frame hold a Suzuki ts 125 engine?

The TS125 engine will fit straight into the TS100 frame. My TS100 has a 125 in it and it rides very well.

Will a 2000 or newer Suzuki RM125 engine fit into a 1991 Suzuki RM125 frame?

The engine will line up, you might be able to fabricate some engine mounts and make it work. I would check with my Suzuki shop and ask them before attempting such a chore.

How do you decode a Suzuki gt750 Vin?

1972 GT750JFrame GT750 - 10001Engine GT750 - 100011973 GT750KFrame GT750 - 30690 from the Suzuki 1974 issue hard copy parts manual, or 31253 from other sourcesEngine GT750 - 313571974 GT750LFrame GT750 - 40838 from the Suzuki 1974 issue hard copy parts manual, or 40247 from other sourcesEngine GT750 - 430411975 GT750MFrame GT750 - 52823Engine GT750 - 575331976 GT750AFrame GT750 - 61729Engine GT750 - 675581977 GT750BFrame GT750 - 75739Engine GT750 - 82605Info via Martin K in Germany..

Will a 1979 Suzuki PE175 two stroke engine fit in a 1982 Suzuki PE175 frame without modifications?

i have a 79 pe175 and I am finding that only 78-79 parts will far nothing else seem to work....

How do you age a Suzuki RM250 engine from its engine number?

Look at the vin tag on the steering head tube of the frame, it should have the year stamped on it.

1995 Mazda starts but then turns off?

without knowing more it sounds like it could be a fuel problem, injector, or ground from engine to frame

Where is the fuel filter located in a 1998 suzuki esteem?

It is located directly behind the engine in the middle. It is attached to the car frame

How can you determine the engine type from the VIN?

To whom it may concern, I personally just went through this with suzuki on a bike I'm restoring. the VIN number on the frame only tells the information about what country built the frame,what year the frame was built,what plant the frame was built in , a secret code letter that only the factory knows what it means and the number of the frame,,ie. frame number 1000 out of 12457 units built. what the numbers on the engine mean,I have no idea. I have checked different sites but to no avail. What i suggest you do,is to copy down both the VIN and engine number,contact the manufacterer,In my case it was Suzuki Canada,and they did the research for me. Every manufacturer records the numbers when the vehicle is built and archives this information.In my case I found out that even though the engine and frame numbers were different,they were the right numbers and the frame and engine match together. I hope this helps and good luck.

Will my 1992 Suzuki rm 250 motor fit in a 1999 Suzuki rm frame?

it should

Where is the VIN located on your suzuki eiger 400?

on the frame

What does an in frame suggest?

"in frame" usually refers to a repair or rebuild that is done without removing that main part. for example if someone said i am doing an in frame on a mack truck, it would mean they are rebuilding the engine without removing it from the truck.

Will a 1984 camaro 2.8 engine fit in a 1985 s10 frame?

Should fit no problem, ought to be the same engine that was used in the 85s

Where on the frame of a 2003 Suzuki RM 85 are serial numbers?

On the frame. It's on the steering tube

Will a suzuki gsxr 1100 engine fit a gsxr 750 frame?

If it`s one of the old models 1986 and up to 1991 I am sure it fits directly in the frame, sine I have a 1985 gsxr 750 myself with a tuned up 1100 engine, but it`s a dangerous bike because the frame is not stabil enough with so much power.

Does a 1993 Honda CR250 engine fit in a 1986 Honda CR250?

The 1993 engine will not fit directly into the 1986 frame without modification due to a 1992 change in frame geometry and mounting positions.

Will Suzuki 450 fit a 250 Suzuki frame?

they might its hard to say because there both the same size bike

Will a 1969 Harley Davidson engine fit into a 1997 Harley Davidson frame?

Not without major modification/fabrication.

Where do you find the serial number on a Suzuki ATV?

from the rear of the machine look on the frame. It's on the side of the frame near the rear stamped in it.

What year is your suzuki rm 125 frame number rf15a-1077448?

rm125 frame number 70121 whay year

What year is the engine on your Yamaha motorcycle engine the numbers on the engine are 5x2-021621?

look at the number on the frame, it is either stamped into the side close to the engine, or it is on the frame under the handlebars If the engine was replaced as mine was then the numbers on the frame will not tell you if you have a later or earlier model engine.

Where is the vin number on your dirt bike engine?

The VIN number is not located on the engine, it is as a rule located on the front of the bike frame. The engine has the engine number, which is different from the frame or VIN number. Look for it on the top front of the frame, just below or to the rear of where the handlebars column is placed in the frame.

Does the vin on the engine match the vin on the frame kawasaki?

No. Frame number and engine number are two differrnt things )

What does the frame of the car do?

The frame supports the vehicle. Everything bolts to the frame. The body, engine,etc...

1977 Suzuki gs750 VIN location?

it's right behind the headlight on the frame.

What is age Suzuki rm frame number?

ts125 SF 13B-1027 age?