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How can you determine the engine type from the VIN?


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September 13, 2011 4:47AM
To whom it may concern, I personally just went through this with suzuki on a bike I'm restoring. the VIN number on the frame only tells the information about what country built the frame,what year the frame was built,what plant the frame was built in , a secret code letter that only the factory knows what it means and the number of the frame,,ie. frame number 1000 out of 12457 units built.

what the numbers on the engine mean,I have no idea. I have checked different sites but to no avail.
What i suggest you do,is to copy down both the VIN and engine number,contact the manufacterer,In my case it was Suzuki Canada,and they did the research for me. Every manufacturer records the numbers when the vehicle is built and archives this information.In my case I found out that even though the engine and frame numbers were different,they were the right numbers and the frame and engine match together.
I hope this helps and good luck.