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NO the heads are made slightly diffrent the bolt patterns will not match up. Rather than aftermarket what you can do is purchase the parts for an L67 (3.8 supercharged) and put them on your L36 (3.8 non supercharged).It's not really simple like some people think but it's definitely doable (many people have gone down this road). The following is a list of everything you will need:

M90 Supercharger
L67 idler pullies (there's two of them)
L67 belt tensioner
L67 throttle body
33# injectors
L67 crank pulley
L67 MAP sensor
L67 heads
L67 Valve Covers
L67 fuel rail
Head Bolts
Rocker Bolts
S/C Bolts
LIM Bolts
L36 to L67 wiring harness adapter kit
Vac lines (I used 7/64" rubber hose)
Coil pack bracket from a 97-98 GT/GTP
S/C belt
2 changes worth of oil/oil filters
2 gallons of coolant

Head Gaskets
S/C gasket
TB gasket
LIM gasket
Valve Cover gaskets
Fuel rail o-rings Check out the postings at look to Ed Morad an excellent source for used grand prix parts. Hope this helps. "G"

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2007-06-08 17:40:23
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Q: Can you put an aftermarket supercharger on your 99 Pontiac Gt 3800 series 2 engine?
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How do you find out if your 1997 Pontiac gran prix gt 3800 2 series has a supercharger?

It will have supercharged writen on the engine cover. or you can see the supercharger's snout sticking out the left side of the engine cover. and the loud whine the car makes when you floor

Can you supercharge the 3800 series II engine?

Theoretically, you could put the supercharger setup from a factory supercharged 3800 series 2 engine but it would be a lot of work and you would have to do a lot with wiring. The Buick Park Avenue, Pontiac Bonneville SSEI and the Olds 88 LSS will have that engine.

What type of gas goes into 2004 Pontiac grand prix gt a v6 3800 series III engine?

What type of gas goes into 2004 pontiac grand prix gt a v6 3800 series III engine?

97 Pontiac Firebird with a 3800 series II supercharger?

the dont make one you can get one made though but it has to be custom made from scratch and it is specialy made to fit the car and its going to cost alot

How hard is an engine swap olds 3800 series 2?

Answervery...the engine and trans come out together through the bottom of the car with the sub-frame and control arms, then you separate the engine from trans and put back together, about 14 hours with the right tools and a liftIt was easy for me and my mechanic. We wanted to change the 3.8 series 2 engine with the LSS's supercharger 3.8 series 2 engine. A very excellent build.

Would a 95 Pontiac bonnville 3800 motor fit in a 2000 Pontiac gran prix?

Yes, as long as it is a 3800 Series II V6. Not a Series I. A Series II will say Series II on the engine cover. If it is a Series one it would fit because it is the same size, but I do not know if it will work with the Grand Prix's ECU and transaxle.

How many horse power does a 1997 Pontiac Bonneville 3.8 liter V6 have?

203 The 3800 Series II engine is rated at 205 H.P. The 3800 Series II Supercharged engine is rated at 240 H.P.

Will a supercharger off an 1989 riviera 3800 series motor go on a 2000 grand prix 3800 series motor?


Where is the throttle positioning sensor on a 2007 Pontiac Torrent?

If it's a 3400 series engine I think it is bolted to the side on the throttle body

Is the 96 camaro 3.8L 3800 series a supercharger?

no... its a 3.8 liter V6 motor...

Can the throttle body off a 1998 Pontiac grand prix gtp fit on a 2000 Pontiac grand prix gtp?

Yes, both cars had the exact same 3.8 series II engine.

What years will a 3.8L engine are interchangeable in a 1994 Pontiac Bonneville?

The 3800L is a common engine among the w-body GM's. The 94 is a Series 1, and is interchangeable with most other 3800 s1. 95 + are branded with "Series II" on the engine, and are not compatible. Keep in mind however, that many parts are still interchangeable.

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