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No you cant. They will eat the other fish. i could have the wrong fish here but if you're talking about a beta fish, they get along fine with anything that does not have large finns, i have had several in large tanks with a wide variety of other fish and everybody does well.

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Q: Can you put any fish in with a Siamese Fighting Fish?
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What is a predator to a Siamese fighting fish?

Any fish-eating fish large enough to eat one is a predator.

What is the difference between a betta fish and a Siamese fighting fish?

Betta fish can refer to any member of the genus Betta, which has numerous species, all native to swamps of Southeast Asia. The Siamese fighting fish is only one specific species, B. splendens.

Can Siamese fighting fish live in cold water?

no non of the fighting fish can or they will sadly dieand can die really easly from other things like over feeding, not putting in any conditioner and also scaring your fighting fish.

Do Siamese fighting fish jump?

Any fast moving fish can at times jump out of the aquarium. It often happens if they are being chased, or are scared.

Can betta fish be any color?

yes the Betta Siamese fighting fish both male & female can come in many colour variations .

Are there any Japanese warrior fish that can be with other fish?

If by "Japanese warrior fish" you are asking about Betta splendens the "Siamese fighting fish" then the answer is simple. It is only the male of this species that is renowned for its fighting and these male fish will only fight with another male of the same species. They are placid fish and can be kept safely with almost any other tropical species that are not too boisterous, because Siamese fighters are slow movers and tend to get their fins nipped and are often picked on in a community situation.

What do Siamese tiger fish eat?

The Siamese Fighting Fish will eat any tropical fish food: flakes, pellets, live white worms, fresh water shrimps, etc. The males must be kept apart (different tanks and unable to see each other) otherwise, they will fight.

Do male Japanese fighting fish have babies on their own?

No they can not. Some people call a Betta splendens a Betta or a Siamese fighter or a Japanese Fighting Fish. They are all refering to the same species of fish. They come in both males and females and both are needed to produce any young.

Should you only get one guppy?

Guppies are a gregarious tropical freshwater fish. The can safely co-exist in multiples. The male Siamese fighting fish however will kill any other makes it meets.

Why are Japanese fighting fish called Japanese fighting fish?

Because people don't know their real name. They possibly also have got mixed up between Siamese, Chinese, and Japanese. It seems that in the US of A any of those countries are used in conjunction with 'Fighting fish' Its real name is 'Betta splendens' commonly shortened to 'Betta"

Can you have a fighting fish a small goldfish and 4 zebra fish in a 3L tank together?

Hi, The Fighter fish (Siamese Fighting fish) always likes to stay alone and if some other fishes are added it will start attack or feel depressed which affects its health. But zebra fish is a good choice to keep with fighter fish as it swims so fast fighter fish cant reach it at any moment. Gold fish - is a wrong choice as it has flowing fins which makes fighter fish to attack it willingly...

What other fish can a female fighting fish live peacefully with?

Usually, any fighting fish (Beta), male or female can peacefully live with any other species of fish such as pladies and guppies and sword fish and angelfish.

Are there any Japanese fighting fish that you can keep with other cold water fish?

no. they are tropical fish.

Can a two male betta fish be together?

NO! Siamese fighting fish will fight to the death. females can be with other females, but males can Not be with any other Betta's. Neon tetras are nice for Betta's if you want other fish, but only if you have a two and a half gallon tank or more.

Where can you buy Siamese fighting fish?

You should be able to find them at any pet store that sells fish. They are typically placed in plastic cups in the fish area.

Will Siamese fighting fish fight each other?

Male Bettas are commonly called "Siamese fighting fish" because they have evolved in the wild to drive any other male of their species away from their territory. If two are placed in the same container and neither one can get away, there will obviously be a fight. The practice of doing this is very illegal in some countries. Yes. hence the name

Why does your Siamese Fighting Fish have tangled fins?

If you mean ragged fins then this is probably because another fish in your tank is attacking it. Any type of barbs are notorious for attacking fish with long fins and angel fish will also have a good go. It is difficult to say who is the culprit for definite without knowing what you have in there, but this is generally the reason. Hope this helps.

Do fighter fish need warm water?

Siamese fighting fish are tropical fish, and therefore must be kept in water above 72 degrees F. Above 76 degrees is better, but below 80. THIS DEPEND ON ITS BEHAVIOR BESIDE ITS NATURES(IF LAYED ON GROUND OR SHRINK ITSELF ON ANY SIDE)

What fish are compatible with a Siamese fighter fish?

Ghost shrimp,Cherry shrimp,Gold Mystery Snail,and Mollys are best.But a Betta fish can be with ANY fish,as long as the Betta fish is the LAST fish in the tank!take him out and try again the next day if he is acting aggressive.

What species of fish can live peacefully with betas?

Male Betta splendens or Siamese Fighting Fish, are intolerant of other male bettas. They are also intolerant of female betta's except when breeding. However, male Betta fish can live peacefully with any fish not large enough to be swallowed. They can be aggressive towards any other fish, but some male bettas are rather placid. It's a matter of finding a male betta that will tolerate all con-specifics.Female betta fish are tolerant of any other fish, but will sometimes display aggressive behavior.

What eats a Siamese fighting fish?

Crayfish, Oscars and perhaps some of the more aggressive chiclids. If you do not want your betta any longer put it up on kijiji or return it do not just kill it.

Are there any fish that you can keep with Japanese fighting fish?

The 'Japanese fighting fish' is another name for the fish correctly named Betta splendens. They only fight with others of the same species. That means you can keep most fish species that enjoy similar environmental conditions with them.

Which is the best fishes can live long time in 5 gallon aquarium?

Betta splendens, or Siamese fighting fish is probably the most common fish to keep in five gallon containers. They can live for over five years if the water conditions remain suitable. Research before getting any fish, and have the tank set up for at least six weeks prior to introducing the fish.

Your fighting fish keeps getting attacked by your molly?

It is unusual for a molly to attack any other fish as they are quite a peaceful fish. At a guess I would say that it could be because the Siamese fighter is ill and the molly is taking advantage of the fact or because the molly is male and protecting its females. It's difficult to say without seeing the tank. Hope this helps.

Can fighting fish see in the dark?

No more nor less than any other normal none nocternal fish.