Can you refinance after a dismissed Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

FHA will not penalize you. Find a FHA approved lender in your area and as long as your payment history in your chapter 13 was good, they should be able to help you.
You must go through the court and trustee. They must approve your new debt. It must make a lower rate, payment etc.).
You can also buyout (payoff) with a FHA refi.

The rate and/or the ability to refinance depends on several factors:
  • your credit score
  • the value of your new loan to the value of your home (this would include the payoff for your mortgage, debts, costs of doing the refinance)
  • has your b/k been discharged? or if chapter 13 are you trying to buy out?
  • is the rate going to help you?
  • is it worth it to refinance?

More information:
The thought of filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a tough pill to swallow for many homeowners. Many attorneys fail to tell their debtors that they have options beyond filing a BK 13. For many, the Chapter 13 is the best option because it provides a fresh start and freezes interest and penalties. Debtors that have determined the Bankruptcy status is appropriate, can Refinance their mortgage after 36 months and are not required to pay any unsecured debts. 95% of the time this is the best option for the debtor. Under BK law, the unsecured debt is washed on a BK 13 in the same way unsecured debt is washed under a BK 7. Debtors that can pass the means test, can simply refi their mortgage under a foreclosure bailout program and file a Chapter 7 without ever needing to file a 13 and payback the unsecured portion. Many borrowers and attorney are simply unaware of the programs that exist.
Typically a foreclosure bailout will go to 65-70% LTV (loan to value). With the new laws enacted in October, many attorneys have been encouraging their clients buyout their debt. The way the process works under a tradition Chapter 13 Refinance would be as follows: My credit rehab programs is started with a 2/28 Arm that will payoff the existing mortgage and the items rolled into the bankruptcy. My program will lower the debts monthly payment and discharge their bankruptcy upon funding. Many times borrowers are able to take cash out of their home up to 90% LTV. The higher LTV will require a 0x30 rating on the trustees report (12 month history) and a 0x30 rating on their mortgage (12 month history). 80% LTV is allowed up to 2x60 on the mortgage/trustee payment history. There is no limitation on document types. Loans can be stated income stated asset or Fully documented. Obviously the interest rates will be more favorable by documenting income but is not required.
After two years of timely payments to your mortgage the 2/28 ARM can be refinanced to a lower 30 fixed if a fixed is desired. Being dismissed from a BK is precarious situation to be in. However, there are many banks that will allow a mortgage to be protected even if the debtor has been dismissed. As previously discussed, a dismissed BK debtor has the same options available as the debtor that never file a 13. The premise is to protect that mortgage and anything that would affect title to the property. Usually the open unsecured debts can be paid as well. Its very important when refinancing your Chapter 13 that you use a chapter 13 specialist. Chapter 13 buyout are not like a traditional refinance.Many brokers are unfamiliar and inexperienced with Bankruptcy law and the process varies from state to state. i.e Pennsylvania does not require a motion to be filed with the court to get an approval to refinance a BK 13. Across the bridge its neighbor New Jersey does require a motion and the process takes much longer. Work with a mortgage professional who knows the attorneys and the trustees.


Option 2: If it is not dismissed and you have been making your mortgage payments on time, you can get what is called a BK buyout.Your credit score must be at least 520 or above.You must have enough equity in the house to pay off the Chapter 13,


Option 3: If your credit score is 580 or above you don't even have to pay the Bk off again as long as your mortgage history is perfect. You can lower your rate and get cash out to pay off other debts etc.
As the mortgage market has changed, so have the above criteria.

Mortgage Broker
You need a mortgage broker pass on the direct lender or bank they will not work with you at this time like a broker will. Make sure he or she has experience in this type of loan they are more difficult to place. Get your merged credit report your broker will know what this is get an idea what your FICO score is the broker should counsel you and I do how to increase this score and therefore decrease your rate. Who knows you might be pleasantly surprised that your FICO might be higher than you think.