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While participating in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, no major financial transactions are allowed w/o the permisson of the bankruptcy trustee.

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Q: Can you refinance during chapter 13?
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Can you leave a chapter 13 bankruptcy open and refinance your current mortgage if the mortgage?

This question is incomplete. In most districts, you cannot incur new debt if you are a debtor in an active chapter 13 case. To refinance or incur any new debt, you have to obtain the consent of the Standing Chapter 13 Trustee in your case.

What lenders refinance while in a chapter 13 bankruptcy?

None, if you mean refinance a debt in the chapter 13. If your car dies, and you can find one that does not require a payment much more than you were paying before, you can probably get it approved by the trustee and the court.

Is it possible to get a home equity loan while paying chapter 13?

No you can not get a home equity line of credit but you can refinance and pay off the chapter 13 with the new mortgage.

How long after bankruptcy do you have to wait before refinancing?

Refinancing after a bankruptcyThe time period you have to wait depends on what chapter bankruptcy you filed. Generally, you are able to refinance 2yrs after a Chapter 7 discharge.If you are in Chapter 13, you can refinance the next day with many lenders. You can email a mortgage broker like myself to find out more.To add to the above answer, you do NOT have to wait 2 years to refinance after a chapter 7 discharge, those are for fannie Mae loans. You can refinance a chapter 7 a day after discharge. A chapter 13 can also be refinanced before discharge since it's on a payment plan for 3-5 years from filing date. You can get a chapter 13 refinance as little as 6 months from filing, not discharge and you can payoff your chapter 13 in the process if you have enough equity in your home.

Where can you refinance if you had a chapter 13 that was dismissed and have your late mother's debt on your credit report causing liens on your house?

There are many lenders including FHA that you can do a refinance through after or even during a chapter 13. With FHA from the time the chapter 13 is intituted the owner of the property must make on time payments for one year. During the chapter 13 the new loan amount must equal the present payment. As for your mothers debt if the home is liened they must be payed off at closing unless you can go to court and prove the creditors had no right to lien the property. A very expensive and time consuming proposition.

How does one refinance a home after a Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

One can find a guide on how to refinance a home after a Chapter 13 bankruptcy on various websites like Homeguides and wikiHow. Both websites offer a great amount of information about all kinds of things, including bankruptcy.

If you are dismissed from a chapter 13 and have your mortgage reinstated can you refinance your home?

You can refi a day out discharging of bankruptcy depending on the situation.

Can you refinance out of bankruptcy?

I assume you are talking about a chapter 13??? A chapter 13 you can do this after [ one year if you have paid on time for 12 months through FHA] However your new payment must equal your present PITI.

In Pennsylvania does the participant in a chapter 13 need permission from the bankruptcy court to refinance property?

Yes, permission from the bankruptcy trustee/court is needed for any major financial transaction while participating in a chapter 13.

Can you file chapter 13 if you already are in a forbearance plan with your mortgage company?

Well the options that you have are , You can sell your home or refinance when you are under Chapter 13.A mortage company can negotiate on your behalf with your lender to ease off the hassles for you.

How soon after a bankruptcy was dismissed can you refinance?

* The usual length of time after a bk dismissal required to refinance is 24 months. There are different requirements with different lenders. Some specialize in assisting borrowers with bks. * It depends on the type of Bankruptcy you filed....Chapter 7 or 13. I have lendors that will offer financing one day out of a Chapter 13.

Is there a mortgage company that will refinance a mobile home for someone who is still in Chapter 13 if you would like to refinance and pay off your Chapter 13?

There are many variables that can have an effect on this transaction. The most likely answer is YES. Please contact me and we can discuss the details of your situation. I specialize in FHA transactions and have a lot of experience with Mobile / Manufactured homes.

Can you refinance in chapter 13?

Yes. If you have had 12 months of on time payments to the truste and your mortgage has been paid on time,While participating in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, no major financial transactions are allowed w/o the permisson of the bankruptcy trustee.

How can you refinance your home for a lower interest rate while in a chapter 13 bankruptcy if you do not want to pay off the bankruptcy and do not want to 'cash out'?

While participating in a chapter 13 the petitioner cannot refinance, sell, transfer or otherwise real property without receiving permission from the bankruptcy court/trustee to take the action. Therefore the issues cited are not relevant until/unless permission is granted.

Can you refinance your home during a Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

The "13" is not refinanced as such, but you may file a motion to have it amended if circumstances have changed significantly since the orignal filing, such as a reduction in pay, loss of employment, illness, etc. The involved party should contact the BK trustee for specific information.

Can you leave a chapter 13 bankruptcy open and refinance your current mortgage if the mortgage is not included in the chapter 13?

Here is the short answer.........No. No lender will allow this. Lenders want you to be out of Bankruptcy.This is what I do refinance people out of bankruptcy early or arrange refinancing so that my clients can avoid bankruptcy or forclosure altogether. that is what you must do in order to refi your mortgage regardless of the mortgage status with your bankruptcy plan

Can you refinance during Chapter 13 without creditors taking your money if their debt has been satisfied?

Yes. It certainly depends on how long you've been in the chapter 13. Most states say if you have been in the chapter 13 for more than 3 years, you will only have to pay back a percentage of the original balance of the bankruptcy. If you have been in the bankruptcy for less than 3 years, most states make you pay back the bankruptcy in full (100% of the original claims). If a creditor was included in your bankruptcy and they have been paid, you may refinance out of the bankruptcy without the creditors taking your money. Some things to keep in mind: in order to refinance, you have to be granted a "motion for post-petition financing" from the courts. This can take up to 2 months. Once that is granted, your refinance can be completed. Most people have an approval on their loan with a new mortgage company with the only stipulation being that the motion is granted by the court so that there is essentially no lag-time.

If your wife is in a Chapter 13 plan and is the borrower on the mortgage can the husband apply for a refinance loan to pay off the first mortgage?

Yes! The only thing is the chapter 13 will have to be discharged at closing. Depending on how long she has been in the bankruptcy, this may not be a big hassle. It is impossible to refinance a home in a chapter 13 without the BK being discharged. For more information, please feel free to email me at I work for one of the largest direct private mortgage lenders in the country, i'd be glad to help answer any other questions.

If you are in chapter 13 bankruptcy can you file for a voluntary dismissal to refinance your house?

I f that was the main reason for filing the c. 13, you can. Make sure the lender knows about the bankruptcy and you have a refi commitment before you move to dismiss.

Is it possible to refinance your home while in chapter 13?

Yes, it is possible to refinance your home while in an open Chapter 13, if your credit score meets the company's requirements. Also, a max 80% loan to value on your equity will be used to make sure you have enough money in your home to cover closing costs. There are also programs available that do not have score requirements and also allow you to payoff the remaining balance. If you need assistance go to

How long must one wait to refinance after a Chapter 13 bankruptcy has been discharged?

With bankruptcy most banks will not take it into account after 2 years of discharge. Banks look more favorably on Chp. 13 than on Chp. 7's, I deal with many banks who will actually refinance before the 2 year period depending on the circumstances.

Can you refinance your mortgage if you're in Chapter 13 but have not filed income taxes since 2003?

You have to receive approval to change your 'plan' from the Bankruptcy court. Usually, if they approve; and , you can find a lender willing to refinance while you are in BK, this means the money you save is then used to pay more to your debtors. if that is what you want to do. Usually, lenders want to see you pay the plan to it's end and then refinance.

Can you convert a chapter 13 to a chapter 7?

can i convert my chapter 13 to a chapter 7 if i filed a chapter 7 in 2005

Can a chapter 7 be filed with an open chapter 13?

A Chapter 7 can be filed with an open Chapter 13.

What do you do in chapter 13 on Pottermore?

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