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There is aproduct called 'heli-coil' that should be avail. through auto parts stores or some machine shops.

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Q: Can you repair the head place where the spark plug screws into the engine if it is stripped by using a product that you insert into the head?
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What do you do when your block is stripped and your spark plug wont screw in?

Here are 3 options for you at this point: 1. Bring the head into an automotive machine shop for them to repair it; 2. Repair the stripped hole in the head with an insert 3. Buy a new head, rebuild the engine from the head gasket up.

1998 Chevy S10 2BY2 2 5 engine you have blown a spark plug and it is stripped out What is the best way to repair?

You'll need to have an insert drilled and tapped into the head. To do it right, the head should be removed and taken to a machine shop.

How do you repair a stripped intake bolt hole?


How do you get a stripped spark plug out?

You might try to use krol as this oil can creep into the smallest cracks to help loosen the spark plug. The next problem will be the threads probably will be stripped. Use a Time-Sert insert to repair the stripped threads. Good luck!

How can you fix stripped threads engine coolant temp sensor?

If the sensor is stripped you will have to replace it. If the fitting or hole it threads into is stripped it is likely you can make oversize threads and use a fitting called a bushing to repair it. Mind you I got desperate one night and epoxied one in. Its still working but if I ever have to change it I am toast.

How can i repair a Stripped oil pan plug?

Auto Part Stores sell oil plugs that are self-tapping. What you do is buy one that has a slightly greater pitch and re-tap the the drain hole with the new plug. Here is a good write-up on this: But it is always perfered to repair the thread back to its original size. Use a TIME-SERT to repair the stripped threads with a steel insert. ----------------------------------------------------------

How costly is it to repair a stripped out spark plug hole on a 2001 Chrysler tc ltd minivan with the 3.8 ltr v6. the stripped hole is on the back side of engine. is there a specialty tool for this job?

It isn't a bad job if you're handy with tools. They sell kits at most stores there are Helicoils and then solid inserts, all you do is tap the hole, out in the insert and then the spark plug. A tip to doing this, make sure the tap you get has vertical ridges for grease so the pieces are not falling in. Use a shop vac and vaccum out the debri from it as well. Another insert to consider is the TIME-SERT this is a solid thread bushing insert.

How do you repair the engine on a 2001 Pontiac Sunfire?

You surely cannot expect to get an answer? Repair WHAT on the engine? What is wrong with it?You surely cannot expect to get an answer? Repair WHAT on the engine? What is wrong with it?

How do you change oil filter on 1991 Toyota corolla?

repair stripped motorcycle gear shift

What is the best thing to do about stripped bolts?

BEG a mechanic to repair it for you. He will charge you by the hour to fix the problem.

Do you have to buy a new electric guitar if the plug is stripped?

Definitely not. It's a very cheap repair.

Will jb weld repair stripped bolt in Chevy venture belt tensioner?

When the belt tensioner fails, you have to stop almost immediately or the engine will overheat and suffer serious damage or destruction. I am assuming that the bolt itself is not stripped; the receiving mounting hole in the engine is stripped. And I am pretty sure that the mounting area is aluminum. Therefore, it should be fairly easy to tap the hole for an over-sized bolt. Select a tap that is just larger than the stripped bolt. I would not recommend the JB weld since if it fails, you are stuck without warning. Best of luck!

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