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You will have to slide / move the transmission back enough to get your hand up in between the flywheel and toqure converter so you can remove the flywheel bolts. You do not have to compleatly remove the transmission. I do it all the time.

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Q: Can you replace Chevy flexplate without removing tranny?
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Is it possible to replace clutch without removing motor?

Yes just drop the tranny

How do install a flexplate on a 96 Saturn SC2?

Take out the motor, put a new one on, reinstall motor. Look at haynes for details. Flexplate connects the motor and tranny.

Can you remove a transmission on a 2001 Eclipse without removing the right Transaxle?

The car has only one transaxle, AKA transmission, then no, you cannot remove the tranny without removing the tranny. If you mean without removing CV Axle or drive axle or Axle shaft or CV shaft (same thing) then the answer is still no. You cannot remove the transaxle without removing the drive axle/CV shaft.

In a 1976 Chevy with a big block 454 can you use a 4 speed tranny out of a truck with 350 small block?

Yes- possible flexplate chage

How do you drain the tranny fluid on 99 grand voyager without removing oil pan?

You can insert a suction devise down to dipstick tube.

How do you remove a 4.3 vortec engine from a 97 Chevy Cheyenne 4x4 without removing the transmission?

REmove and mark with masking tape all hoses and wires and linkage that connects to the engine. Mark where it came from on the engine with an identical marking for ease of reinstallation. You will need to remove the bolts that hols the transmission to the engine and under the flexplate cover remove the bolts that hold the torque converter or clutch to the flexplate. Remove the engine mount bolts. The engine should be ready for removel, but be sure the tranny is supported somehow so it does not fall.

Can a large bellhousing c4 tranny be swapped with a small bellhousing c4?

yes i just went from a small bell housing to a large bell housing in my mustang it works. the flexplate motor plate and converter has to be used with that tranny.

How do you take the transmission off a 350 Chevy?

It depends if it is automatic or manual, and if it is in the car or out of the car. An automatic transmission is attach to the engine only by bolts around the "bell housing" and bolts attaching flexplate to the torque converter. First remove bolts from the flexplate to the torque converter. You can do this by removing the "inspection plate" which is behind the engine under the front of the tranny. It should have 6-8 bolts. Once the plate is removed, you will see the flex plate with gear teeth around it, and the round donut-looking torque converter. The flexplate stays on the engine and the torque converter stays with the tranny. Undo each bolt attaching the two, there should be 4. You will need to turn the engine to expose each bolt in the inspection area so you can remove it. do this by hand or by "bumping" your starter, be sure to be safe! Once the torque converter and flexplate are seperate, the only thing keeping the tranny to the engine are the bell-housing bolts. Be careful! If you tranny is in the car, these same bolts are the only thing holding the tranny up in the air!!! If the trans is in the car, it must be safely supported by a trans jack. undo the belhousing bolts and the tranny should seperate. if it is stillin the car, you will have had to remove the drive shaft first as well as all the associated cables and connections. Be safe!

What is the cost to replace the transmission in 1996 Chevrolet truck?

it cost 1500 dollars to replace my tranny at the local tranny shop

How do you remove an engine in a 1979 trans am without removing the transmission?

You need a cherry picker with a leveler bar to be able to take the engine and tranny out in one piece.

Can you replace Crankshaft on a Chevy cavalier 2.4l without removing engine?

No...The problem comes in with the bolts that hold the flywheel onto the crankshaft. You just cant get to them with the tranny still mounted. And then at the other end,you have the timing chain. And in the middle (inside the oil pan you have the chain that drives the oil pump. Also...cleanliness is a big factor....pulling the engine and tranny as a unit out the top is not that difficult, but it is designed to come out the bottom. All the plugins are different..remove the crank pully, the intake manifold(so to give more clearance for the exhaust pipe to clear the "arm" part of the tranny in the back part of the engine), the tranny mount from the car(driver side) and bend the corner of the battery tray alittle. Then peel back the brake master cylinder without removing any brake lines... It comes out without any problems.

1990 Chevy lumina euro drivers side cv axle how to get out of tranny?

After removing axle from steering knuckle you can pop it out of tranny with a pry bar.

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