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Q: Can you replace the VW standard gearbox with an automatic stickshift gearbox with minor modifications?
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Which device allows a driver to change gears when driving a stickshift vehicle?


What is the quantity of automatic gearbox oil Toyota yaris 1.3engine?

how much oil is usedinan automatic gearbox for a toyota vitz 1000cc

Need to check gearbox oil in 1995 Excel where is it located please?

for it manual or automatic,,,,big difference......on a manual,,,you have to get under the car to to the gearbox,,,,,then find the gearbox plug bolt,,,then fill the gearbox to that level....automatic is very different

Where is the gearbox inhibtor switch on L200?

automatic transmission

How often should you change automatic transmission fluid in Toyota gearbox?

You should change your automatic transmission fluid in Toyota gearbox at least after every 30,000 miles.

How do you check automatic gearbox oil on 1993 ford laser 1.5?

You can check the automatic gearbox oil on a 1993 Ford Laser 1.5 using the oil stick.

How a triptronic gearbox in a car works?

1. It is called TIPtronic gearbox. 2. It is a combination between semi-automatic and automatic gearbox. 3. You have an option to change the gears with a lever on the steering wheel or with the gear lever (like semi-automatic gearbox) 4.It is called tiptronic, because you pull or push the tip of the lever in order to change gear

What oil is used Nissan Serena automatic gearbox?


How do you check oil level on automatic gearbox on citroen c3?

You cannot check oil levels in automatic gear box as it is a sealed unit. I took my car to automatic gearbox garage and they changed the oil and resealed the gearbox for a very reasonable cost. Remember the gear oil itself is very expensive.

Can you use a manual turbo in a automatic?

a turbocharger works on the engine only, it does not matter if the gearbox is manual or automatic

What is the difference between auto and manual GEARBOXES?

Automatic and Manual gearboxes are essentially the same, except that the driver does the shifting for a manual gearbox(my personal preference), and a computer shifts for an automatic gearbox.

How do you check gearbox oil level Peugeot 206?

how i can check gearbox oil level land rover freelander automatic ?

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