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Although it's bad business to do so (banks lose money on most all repo's), they can repo at one minute past midnight the day after your due date. Technically, it's a breech of contract. -Matt

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Q: Can you repo your vehicle in the state of Virginia if the payment is one day late?
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How long before they can repossess you car in Virginia?

The lender can legally take the vehicle one day after the payment is due. That is, on the day the payment is late, the lender can begin repossession efforts. The day the payment is late, the contract is void.

How late can a vehicle payment be in Virginia before repossession?

I am a repossession agent in Virginia it takes 2-3 months of not paying before the repossession status occurs.AnswerI am a repossession agent in Virginia it takes 1 missed payment then repossession status occurs.

What is the time span of a late payment until your vehicle will be repossessed in the state of North Carolina?

That is determined by the LENDER.

Can a vehicle be repossessed if the payment is 21 days late in New York State?

READ your CONTRACT. IF the contract is in DEFAULT, the collateral CAN be repossessed.

Do late fees be used for repossession of a vehicle?

can you repossess a car for non payment of late fees even though the initial payment has been made in Colorado

How late can a minor work in the state of Virginia?


Is it legal for a car dealer to repossess a vehicle after 27 days late on payment?

Depends on your jurisdiction. If you're late on a payment for just 1 month, it's legal for the car dealer to repossess your vehicle, but 27 days seems a bit uncalled for.

Can a vehicle be reposessed for late fees on the loan?

It depends on how many times you've been late on vehicle payments. Most of the time though as long as you are making a payment of some kind on the loan your vehicle will not be repossessed.

Is it legal without notice to repossess a vehicle in Indiana for being 12 days late on one payment?

Depends entirely on what the contract you signed says. If you are 1 day late they may be able to repossess the vehicle if that is what the contract says and what your state laws are regarding repossessions. Read your contract.

Can a vehicle get repossessed if your first payment is 15 days late?

Read the fine print of your contract carefully. I have never heard of a vehicle leasing/purchasing contract NOT having a first payment default clause.

Do I have to pay California late registration fees on my vehicle before I can register it in another state?

No, you do not have to pay California late registration fees on your vehicle before you can register it in another state

What is the time frame to repossess a car in Texas?

Under Texas law, a vehicle may be repossessed even if payment was only late for 10 days. This means that is payment was due on the first day of the month, and payment has not been settled on the tenth, then, vehicle will be repossessed on the eleventh.

Can a vehicle be repossessed if the borrower does not make a good faith payment to the lender?

Most loan contracts state that if you are late, they can call the entire amount due. If that has happened and you have not paid off the vehicle, they can take back ownership of the vehicle. Your only option is to pay it off, sell it or turn it back.

How long does a creditor have until they repossess a vehicle?

A creditor can repossess a vehicle at any time after a default(late payment, lack of insurance, etc.) occurs on the contract.

If your vehicle was repossesed do you still have to pay?

If you want the vehicle back you will have to pay the repo fees on top of the late charges and your normal monthly payment to where it is caught up. If you dont want the vehicle you will have to pay the balance of what the vehicle was sold for.

If you are in repossession status and are making efforts to pay on your late payments can they still repossess your vehicle?

Once the loan is in default the bank has the right to refuse payment and repossess the vehicle.

Can a lender repo a car in Pennsylvania if the person is just one month and 7 days late on his payment?

Check your contract for anything special, but I see no reason why they cant.IF you are in DEFAULT, YES, they can repo. no you were more late then your saying I bet. Legally, a lender may contract your vehicle for repo at midnight the day youre payment is due. Most wont, but legally they can reposess your vehicle the day after your missed payment

Can the bank repossess your vehicle if you are only 17 days late in Virginia?

Read your contract. Likely the answer is YES. As long as you are in DEFAULT, they can repo.

What is the time span of a late payment until your vehicle will be repossessed by uacc in the state of California city of san Diego?

UACC is a high risk auto lender for people with less than perfect credit. Read your contract carefully. All contracts state they have the legal right to reposess your vehicle if you are one day late. So, if you are one day late, they can reposess it if they wish. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A GRACE PERIOD. Generally they don't. However you will start receiving phone calls if you are late asking when you are going to make your payment. If you avoid them, the more likely you are to lose the vehicle especially going around 30 days. If you have a poor payment history from the very beginning with them, they will most likely yank the car even if they don't want to. Every time you are late it cost the company money and manpower to service your loan. If you can't afford it, don't commit to the loan. It will be nothing but problems. I have been in the high risk auto loan industry for many years.

Is there a grace period for expired tags in Virginia?

No, there is no grace period for expired tags in the state of Virginia. The DMV will add on a late fee to all expired tags.

Can an Auto Ins Company Charge a late fee without your knowledge and only find out when you are 4 days late on a payment?

i am late on payment for auto insurance what can i do.

Does georgia have a state tax limitation?

For Federal income tax purposes, the IRS does not charge a late payment penalty, for the period.

What happens when a card holder makes a late payment?

It depends on the circumstances. Often, card companies will forgive a 'one-off' late payment. Subsequent lapses will result in a late payment fee - usually an expensive 'mistake' !

Can a vehicle be repossessed because the payment is 15 days late after 4 years of payments and only 3000 dollars owed?

If you are in DEFAULT of the contract, the collateral can be repoed.

How to delete late payment?