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No. Buyers remorse does not apply to automobiles.

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โˆ™ 2005-10-12 05:51:56
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Q: Can you return a used car you bought two days ago?
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Can you return a new motorcycle you bought 2 days ago?

it depends on the dealership.

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Can I return unopened dvd i just bought 2 days ago to hmv?

If the DVDs are unopened and have not been taken out of the original package and you have the reciept you should be able to return them. But you may only get a store credit.

What is Maplins return policy for faulty goods bought over 30 days ago?

The Maplin return policy is low rated due to the fact that it must be returned within twenty eight days. If it is beyond that, they won't accept it even if it is faulty.

You bought a used vehicle 4 days ago you think you made a mistake Can you return the vehicle to the dealership?

No. There is no "buyers remorse" law for vehicles. If you change your mind 1 minute after driving off the lot, the car is still yours.

If you bought a used car three days ago and find out it is not what the dealer claimed it to be what can you do?

Some states have the "Lemon Law" where the consumer can return a car no questions asked as long as it's within three (3) days. After those days have passed, you will need to consult professional legal advice as to what recourse, if any, you may have.

Can you return s used car you bought 18 days ago?

As long as you're at the SAME dealership, yes.Answer:It would depend on the details of your purchase agreement and local legislation.

Can you return a car you bought 3 days ago to the dealer the financing has not gone through yet it is in the state of wv?

No the dealership is under no obligation to allow a consumer to return the car. Once the contract is signed the car has a new owner and belongs to the buyer.

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If the new car i bought less than 2 hours ago has a scratch can i return?

yeah you can return it saying it was given as a damaged one and ask for replacement of new one.

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Can you return a new car you just go two days ago for a higher priced version of the same car?

The car you bought was a new car but the car you are returning is a used car. It has lost quite allot of value in the 2 days you owned. Legally you cannot return the car but the selling dealer may agree considering you are buying a higher priced version of the same car. You are basically trading in your used 2 day old car on a new car. This will cost you dearly.

Can you return a used car that you bought 14 days ago and it's still not financed?

No. Unfortunately, once you sign the papers, you are bound to the car. There is no 3 day rule for buyers remorse. If you drive off the lot and it breaks into 2 peices, then you own both peices. At least that is the law in Washington State.

What are my rights if the dealer hasn't provided a title for the used jeep I bought with credit card about 5 months ago and can I return the vehicle and dispute the charge with my cc company?

Yes you can if you really want to or bring it to court.

I just bought a used 1996 Lexus that was fine for the first few days then started to start up but dies right away if you don't drive it or pump the gas. happned bout 3 times since i bought 1 mo. ago.?

take it back

Can you return a used car you just bought 4 days ago and get your trade in back?

depends on the state your in and if they sold it on their lot or off premises. Mostly if you signed the contract you own that vehicle so i would definitely talk to the dealer and see if you can work out anything. Only some dealers give you that choice but it is a company policy not the law

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Can you return a used car after purchasing it 2 weeks ago with getting down payment back loan insint final and no consequences and also get car back that was traded in?

No, Buyers Remorse or Cooling Off Period Laws do not apply to the purchase of a new or used car in any state. You cannot return any car because you changed your mind. You bought it and you own it.