Can you reuse cooked vegetable oil?

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Yes, you can reuse cooked vegetable oil. Me and my parents if reuse our vegetable oil if there isn't any pieces of food left from what ever it is we cooked.
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What vegetables go into vegetable oil?

soybeans Most commonly used vagitable hich used for vegetable oil.Apart from soybeans Peanut,corn, canola,olive, soy, safflower,coconut, sunflower, cottonseed are also used to make vegitable oil.

What is cooking oil?

Typically olive oil or vegetable oil, depending on what you are cooking. If you are baking, it would be vegetable oil. If you are sauteeing, it could be either one. Olive oil has more flavor.

How do you cook vegetables?

there are many ways of cooking vegetables you can boil them or stir fry them, siving and then cook under the cooker or over the grill. you can also try stiring and mixing different type of vegetables together to taste different type of flavours. e.g. mixing all the different types of cabbages a ( Full Answer )

Cooking with lard is healthier than cooking with hydrogenated vegetable oil?

Answer: . Natural lard is more healthy than hydrogenated fats, such as Crisco, and butter. It is lower in saturated fat and it will also create a wonderfully flaky pie-crust.. Answer:. Neither one is healthy for your heart. Switch to virgin olive oil instead.. Please expound why on your (or ot ( Full Answer )

How many times can you reuse peanut oil?

You can reuse it as many times as you want to. Its best to throw it out once it gets too dark, but its still good to use after that. Peanut Oil retains the taste of the food you cook in it so be cafeful if you are frying fish then the next day you are frying french fries use new oil for the Frenc fr ( Full Answer )

Is cooking oil and vegetable oil the same thing?

Not exactly; it's true to say that all cooking oils are vegetable oils, but not all vegetable oils are cooking oils. For example, linseed oil is vegetable oil, but can't be used for cooking.

What is 'vegetable oil'?

Sources Vegetable oil is often referred to as 'vegetable fat.' Also, it can derive from a wide variety of plants and trees, as there are only three forms of naturally occurring matter: animal, VEGETABLE and mineral , so anything not animal or mineral IS vegetable! That includes Deadly Nightsha ( Full Answer )

Can you oil boots with vegetable oil?

You can't oil boots with vegetable oil directly. Maybe some of the ingredient content in the oil can be used for boots oil production. Acturally, shoe polish is the mixture of pertoleum byproduct and dyestuff.

Reusing oil for frying?

Vegetable oil used for frying does go through a process of oxidation. Plus, it picks up some of the flavors of whatever was previously fried in it. Vegetable oil is commonly reused in restaurants for deep-frying. The article cited below recommends not re-using oil more than three times, in the ho ( Full Answer )

Is canola oil a vegetable oil?

No, it is the oil extracted from the seed of a weed known as rape. Rapeseed oil was originally extracted for use as a motor oil. The oil was later processed to remove most of the erucic acid (a known carcinogen) in the oil. This made it acceptable to the Canadian Authorities as a food oil. It has ne ( Full Answer )

Is natral cooking oil better than vegetable cooking oil?

Since oil made from "first cold pressing" of naturally oily foods (such as olives) can be obtained without the use of chemical solvents and/or heat processes that break down the oils and accelerate rancidity, you can say they are healthier. They are also more expensive. Since all oils go rancid t ( Full Answer )

Can you substitute olive oil for vegetable oil for cooking?

A qualified YES, if you are cooking vegetables, meat etc - things that the taste of olive oil won't interfere with. However, in sweets - cakes etc. the taste of the olive oil is too overpowering, so I wouldn't recommend it.

Can cooking oil be used in place of vegetable oil for baking?

I'm not sure what kind of cooking oil you have but most are interchangeable for baking. You just want to make sure you are using a corn or vegetable oil. When you get into olive or grapeseed oils the flavor is more pronounced and they should not be used.

What is a vegetable oil?

A vegetable oil is based on glycerine and fatty acid and as the name implies is derived from vegetables and plants rather than animals. Rape Seed, Olive, Castor and Linseed are examples of vegetable oils. :) hope it helps

Can you replace vegetable oil with olive oil when cooking?

yes it wont make a difference ................................ There will be a difference in flavor. Olive oil has a distinctive olive flavor, mild to strong depending on the grade of oil, which will be noticeable in the finished dish. Vegetable oil typically is neutral in flavor.

How do you cook vegetables from a can?

Read the instructions on the can! More Information: Vegetables from a can should be removed from the can to a pan or microwave-safe dish, then heated on the stove or in the microwave until hot. Because canned foods have been cooked in the process of canning, it is not necessary to cook them furt ( Full Answer )

How do you cook vegetable biryani?

From Manjula's Kitchen: Vegetable Biryani is a rich and exotic rice dish with spicy vegetables. The saffron aroma makes this dish very inviting. Biryani is a popular Mughali dish that has been adapted by Indians. Vegetable Biryani makes a great dish for a formal dinner or can be served as main meal ( Full Answer )

What is Vegetable Oil?

Vegetable oil is a lipid materials derived from plants. Basically, it is composed of triglycerides , as contrasted with wax which lack glycerin in their structure. These oil are extracted primarily from seeds of a plant. vegetable oil is something that you eat with thankyou.

Can you reuse sauce in which you cooked a chicken?

Of coarse you can reuse the sauce you cooked a chicken in. Any of the bacteria that was on the chicken was "destroyed" to say. The sauce will only have a faint taste of the chicken in it, but the flavor of the sauce will still overpower that of the chickens.

Can you reuse oil after frying shrimp?

You can reuse oil after frying anything, but its generally not recommended. You should try to use oil only once, if you can. Reheating oil actually causes it to release toxins, they're not good for you, so you should try to avoid this if you can. Ans 2 - You can re-use oil adequately if it hasn't ( Full Answer )

Why cook vegetables?

For some veggies there isn't really a need to cook them it just makes them taste better.

What vegetables are used in vegetable oil?

Lots of different vegetable yield oil that can be used in cooking or in other food preparation. We see canola (rapeseed) oil, corn oil, olive oil, palm oil, peanut oil, safflower oil and soybean oil, just to name a few of the common ones. A link is provided for more information.

When baking can you substitute vegetable oil for cooking oil?

"Cooking oil" is actually a broad term for purified fat derived from plants which is normally liquid at room temperature. "Vegetable oil," when used to label a cooking oil product may refer to a specific oil like rapeseed oil or to a blend of different oils. Not all vegetable oils are edible - some ( Full Answer )

Are cooked vegetables as healthy as uncooked vegetables?

Veggies are healthy cooked, and uncooked. However, cooking vegetables does cause some of their nutrients to leach out into the water they are cooked in. Steaming or roasting doesn't cause as much loss.

Is oiticica oil a vegetable oil?

Yes, it is. The Oiticica nuts are used to make Oiticica Oil (Brazil). Oiticica Oil finds limited use as a substitute for Tung Oil or Linseed Oil when the price of either of these products prohibit their use.

Do Muslims eat food cooked in vegetable oil?

Most of the time yes....they use different kinds of vegetable oil for cooking,baking or frying but sometimes some people uses butter or Yellow oil (A oil that is made of pure butter by boiling the butter) for some kind of food such as rice,Pan Egg,etc.

Can you substitute olive oil for vegetable oil when cooking stir fry?

It's not a great substitution for stir fries, primarily because olive oil has a lower smoking point than vegetable oil, meaning it will begin smoking a lot before the pan would be as hot as you'd require it to be for a stir fry. The second reason is that olive oil has a distinctive taste which is pr ( Full Answer )

Does cooking with vegetable oil help the environment?

No, cooking with vegetable oil has no benefit to theenvironment. Using vegetable oil to run your diesel vehicle, on the other hand, does help the environment, because burningvegetable oil (unlike fossil fuel oil) does no tadd extra carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. (The carbon dioxidereleased w ( Full Answer )

How do you reduce reuse recycle for cooking?

You can recycle in cooking by using leftovers in prep or thefinished result to make for another recipe. This reduces waste inturn which will save costs.

Is anise oil a vegetable oil?

Anise oil is what's called an "essential oil" that is typicallyrecovered by steam distillation from a spice, is highly flavored,and costs several bucks an ounce, while "vegetable oil" usuallyrefers to oils that are cold-pressed from oily but mostly blandseeds (cottonseed, rapeseed, sunflower seeds, ( Full Answer )