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Yes, I moved from Minnesota to Ohio and received the extension.

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2009-12-02 06:38:35
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Q: Can you still get the unemployment extension if you move to another state?
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Can you get unemployment if you move with family to another state from California?

If you were collecting unemployment benefits in one state and are eligible to continue collecting them but move to another state then you should still be able to collect unemployment but you must apply for unemployment in the new state you are moving to.

If you owe unemployment in one state but you file a claim in another state will they still take the money that is owed to them?

Because you have to disclose your work history (and by extension, the unemployment issue may come up), the previous state may file a garnishment with the current state, the amount and details depends on the states.

What happens when you exhaust your unemployment and you still haven't found a job?

you can ask for an extension.

What is Washington state's law on interstate unemployment claims?

In Washington, you can file for an interstate unemployment claim if you use to work in Washington and was fired or laid off and now live another state. Even though you moved out of state, you will still be paid unemployment benefits through Washington.

You got laid off work can you still collect unemployment if you relocate to another state?

Yes, as long as you were qualified in the first place to receive it and, secondly, that you comply with the unemployment laws of the state paying you regarding relocation.

Can you still receive unemployment if it is eight months after you were laid off?

Yes, if the federal government provides extended benefits, which Obama admin. has done. They are now considering another extension of benefits.

Can you work in another state and still draw unemployment in your home state?

You may still be able to work when you are collecting unemployment benefits without losing your benefits. Rules vary from state to state, but typically if you work for less than a certain threshold of your former salary (e.g. 80%), unemployment will pay the difference between what you make and that threshold. It seems you are asking whether you can work in State A and not notify State B where you collect unemployment, which is benefits fraud and is against the law, carrying severe penalties.

Did unemployment extension go for 13 weeks?

Yes. See the Related Link below for details.

If Ohio approved the unemployment extension why doesn't my local unemployment office know anything about it?

Nothing has been approved. It is still in the government sectors awaiting votes from the Senate.

If you live in Utah and move to California can you still receive unemployment from Utah?

Yes. If you had worked in Utah and qualified for your unemployment there, you can move to another state and collect unemployment benefits from Utah as long as you complied with Utah's requirements. It is an interstate agreement that is allowed.

If you quit your job because of stress can you still collect unemployment?

You need to check with your state's unemployment office

Can you still collect unemployment from North Carolina if you move to another state?

Yes, as long as you comply with North Carolina's regulations concerning the move.

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